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oh god it literally looks like some kid who had a homework about describing fire embem shared it on the internet



My five minute MSPaint doodle on the topic of TMS#FE. (PS: I bought the game and am liking it. Hah. [spoiler=midgame boss problems]Doga is choking the Chapter 3 boss point, though, and I can’t beat him. Grinding begins tomorrow! [/spoiler]


I’m still torn on whether I should pick it up or not. Like, I’ve heard good things about the gameplay mechanics, its just… I can’t get behind that plot…

I’ve already had my fill for japanese idol games for the year with P4D



It hurts my soul that X-2 is on here…


as if you could expect any different after seeing the first actual promo pics of the character designs.


Two weeks without a post? Let’s end this hiatus.
I was chatting with a friend on Skype and I found an old Minecraft server we used to try to run. It failed and is dead, but this thread is very not-MC. (The rest of the board is just kids whining for staff.)

[spoiler=thread contents] surprise post
fe4 is best
all hail zigludo aka sigurd the best fe lord
(I like Fire Emblem.)

also the owner is alvis the dastard [/spoiler]

No-one else replied.


Most conversations occur on Discord nowadays.


Most funposting too


reviving the chat


As dead as my aspiring ability to give a shit.



This deserves a song to go with it.


My brain is basically encoded to always upvote anything Gurren Lagann-related.



Guys we’re almost at 1000 posts.


only 76 to go


quality spam, 100000/10


aw i’m tearing up here. spambots are learning to be honest and vaguely polite!