The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


I hope ya’ll are happy.


The legendary Mage General of Etruria joins us.

Pent T2

Credit goes to Greentea for the sprites.


I love the work Nuramon, DerTheVaporeon, and Greentea are doing. I feel like I can view this thread every couple of hours and there’s something new and amazing to see. Keep up the good work! Hoping there’s more to come!

And thanks for bringing this all together as well, Klok!


Don’t forget Pikmin, Peerless, SD9K, and even Frostlax, who only started animating in the last week and is already contributing some cool stuff like the Neimi Sniper improvements!

And don’t forget 7743, since this repo would literally not exist if he hadn’t busted out all those improvements to FEBuilder!


I’m here to thank you and underline your statement! :smile:

[details=Beware of the Death Angel:]

[details=Fear Nergal’s mightiest Morph:]

Credit goes to Greentea for the sprites.


Why is double bladed Erika stored with her normal animations? It’s made by someone else, and if you just look at the folder, you wouldn’t know that the animation is in there.


It’s not sorted by creator like that, it’s sorted first by base sprite, then by weapon. So repalettes are in separate folders but custom weapons are in with the main animation grouping. Correct me if I’m wrong, Klok.


Are you sure about that?


I have the files set up as icons because that makes them easier to sort out, and you can’t see the dual sword part if it’s an icon


Well, don’t view them as icons then lol

In other news…

There is an all new version of the Repository. This is Version 0.85, and it’s almost entirely courtesy of BwdYeti!

Size comparison:

It’s 70% smaller! Yeti created a tool that, in his words,

[quote]it’ll remove the duplicate without comment frames and fix the without comment scripts to point to the original files, delete duplicate image files and update the scripts, and then re-export gifs with proper timing

So it re-exported all the gifs into FEditor format, so all animations should have proper timings now:



Gifs also tend to be a smaller size.



And he removed tons of duplicate frames caused by the Dump All FEbuilder functionality dumping two sets of frames.



So yeah, BIG changes. If things get screwed up, I’m keeping the Version 0.80 Repo in the OP, but adding the 0.85 Repo as well.


Oh, one other thing. The Bolganone, Excalibur, and Wind spells have added FE8 versions for compatibility reasons. If those break, lemme know. Thanks to Snakey1 for that!


Lloyd Reed, the White Wolf is here.

Credits to Greentea for the sprites!


OHHHHHHh nice ; )Does anyone know where to find this one?




Am I seeing this right and there’s no Bow version of the general with shield?
Is someone planning to make it?


Yes you are right Slendy. It simply wouldn’t make any sense.
How is he suppost to shoot the bow while holding a shield?
The bow is considered as a two-handed weapon.


Uhm … there’s also an animation of the normal knight with a bow, and his shield seems to be strapped to his back.
That’s why I was asking.
It feels incomplete otherwise.


@3n1x That animation is not in the repo. It also looks terrible and tacky but maybe someone will animate it idk.

Nikitaw, tons of animations haven’t loaded properly. Just report when you find them.


Moving on, we have five new anims.

Jaffar, by Greentea and animated by Nuramon.

Lloyd, which has 4 animations for sword attacks but I’ll probably remove two of them once I figure out if they’re duplicates or whatever.

Made by Greentea, animated by Der.

And another Greentea animation, also formatted by Nuramon! Limstella Sage!


If you find animations with the new repo, assume it’s google drive being a FUCKING CUNT and let me know. Thanks guys! <3


Excuse me but which knight do you mean?
I only know these two armor knight w/ bow animations.

@Klokinator Der did the Lloyd, I did Jaffar and Limstella :wink:


So normal armor knights use some of their chest armor as a shield when attacking, you can see them removing it.
In the bow version it looks like that chestpiece is strapped on their back.
That’s what I thought could be done with the bow general, just so the shield is at least somewhat present.


Well I get your point but tbqh I don’t see the shield in the old animation. Either isn’t it there in the first place or simply so well hidden that it’s difficult to see.
That can be applied to the general as well since the shield is even smaller in comparison to his size and the fact that he don’t turn around.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t wanna appear toxic or something.
To me it’s simply unlogical to carry a shield on the battlefield while using a bow. Therefore I didn’t made it. :wink: