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OK, made a new topic for it, I guess I’ll delete it from here now.


hello i have one problem with the animation of the general with shield i try make funcional and said overun incomplete animation

someone helpme


I’ve updated the Awakening Icons and added Fates.

I went over them and touched them up. (Namely Bronze, Silver, Glass Weapons, Hammer)
I also removed Tomes as there were just a mess that out of my scope of wanting to fix/use.
The First Row of Fate’s Weapons is Straight Conversion, left them incase anyone likes that color scheme.
Last Row is a more traditional Red/Green/Blue.

Dellhonne, Try redownloading the individual folder for the animation you want.
I’ve noticed when I try to mass download the entire thing through Google Drive it leaves out animation frames or vital data that makes the animations work.


I finished the handaxe animation for my FE10 knight / Lieutenant. And as promised here is the updates dropbox link.
@Klokinator As formerly stated I also corrected a few errors in the other anims. So please exchange the whole package.



Morva wasn’t dead. He just had a twin and he was actually in vacations elsewhere

In all seriousness, though, I have ripped Morva’s animations from the “The Fall of Morva” GIF, and took care to make the unarmed frames and revert frames. This took me 4 days to finish, but really, most of the credits go to Cipher Lee, for spriting Morva. :thumbsup:


hello i have one problem with is animation

Gran Paladin

Error parsing line 1!


OAM data overflow!

somebody can give the animation fixed only for inserted in the fire emblem Please :slight_smile:


When you are using FEditor to import animations you have to remove all comments written after a “#” from the script. Or simply use the “script without comment” from the repository.


And it looks like the General animation is just to heavy.


Tbh I have no idea why it should generate to much OAM. It simply adds a rather small object.
I tested many many times before posting it. OAM was never a problem.

Did anyone else experienced this?


Anyway, to be honest, don’t use FEditor, just use FEBuilder to insert this :man_shrugging:


Same by me.

Finally I’ve finished all animations for the FE10 Knight / Lieutenant!
The package now contains animations for Swords, Lances, Axes, Handaxes and Bows. Including the unarmed anim.

New: the Bow
Comes in two variants. One with visible recoil and one without.


recoil > no recoil imo
cool though; full set


Added the new bow lieutenant and Morva to the repo. Note that I also numbered Morva’s folders in the order they should be inserted ingame.


Hey Klokinator, it turns out for the Wicked Rider animation, if you attack an enemy wicked rider equipped with magic at 1 range, the game will freeze. Just letting you know.


Is your version old? This should have been fixed already. Redownload the folder from the repo. We fixed it three days ago, in fact.


Hey Klokinator, on the page for FE7CM you had said that you would eventually add a T3 class in the form of dragon master into the game. You never got around to doing it, and I can’t a downloadable animation of it anywhere. Was it never made or was there a problem with it?

Edit: Another thing This person has made some amazing custom animation, but hadn’t given any response when people ask for permission for downloads. Maybe you can try your luck?


But more importantly why did you name your hack FE8 Chaos Mode :V
I never was going to add a custom animation. I was just thinking of adding a third tier with more weapons. Decided not to.

In other news, I’ve added new animations.

Morva has a fixed Revert frame series. The original was borked.

New Holy Sage animation!

Centaur F has a magic animation and a staff animation.

Just for fun, have a sword animation too!


>“holy sage”

it’s ブルーニャ (Brunya! or Burūnya if you want to be explicitly accurate)

in fact, in general, why are you renaming everything ie: teraspark’s Dark Knight to Elder Knight

and things like renaming the Yggdra Valkyrie to Trickster when it is not close to the Trickster at all?
and calling Milanor’s personal animation female hector lord chain axe is a brilliant decision, as milanor is a boy etc
Sassy Cleric is more descriptive of the class than Empath, etc

if you want this to be ultimate repository, then why are you renaming the content with your own views on things



I didn’t make the Fighter (F) animations; I only made new map sprites for both genders. When in doubt, don’t credit me for anything except animations which were actually posted by me on animation threads or animations based on these animations.

Also, can you settle down on the namewank? Nobody outside of the FEXNA insiders knows that a “wizard” is supposed to be a druid, and no one who’s looking for my cleric animation will expect it to be called “empath”. It’s a staff-only class; it heals people; it’s a cleric. Using your own names/7X names for everything will only make it harder for people to find what they’re looking for.


and relatedly since i’m going through this mess…

There are a few animations that are factually nonfunctional or are otherwise broken: how do we make sure that you’ve got the latest one in here :c