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As it was able to reproduce also with FE8U, it stated here.

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Do you like Salvaged Paladin ?
Well, I like it a lot actually, so I did that :

Unarmed_Pal (1)
Axe_pal%20 (2)
Hand_axe_pal (3)
Lance_Pal (4)
Sword_Pal (5)

It’s a Salvaged Paladin without the helmet (because why not) and recolored so I called it SalvRepal.
I made some customs palettes for the preview so you can see the possibilities. (if you can recognize them all good job they are from Fe6 )

Credits :

  • Pikmin for the modification of the still
  • Leo_link for the edits
  • Team Salvaged (obviously)

Hope it can be of use and a BiG thanks to the Salvaged team for the paladin.


Would you be up for throwing together a casting animation for the Salvaged Paladin? :smiley:

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Drive/emblem anims updated.

I’ve also updated the search to include the class and tier/element (magic) since those aren’t a given when searching.

… and there’s something else a little new here. We’ve got our Brave Lyn insertable courtesy of @marlon0024 and @RedBean. Marlon made a release video, check it out!


How about now? xD

Female Heroes

There are two versions available:

one with pants and a skirt:


and one with just pants:


Both are coming with their respective class card.

Map sprites are included as well.

I also updated the male versions (generic and Gerik) to allow palettes for taned chars like Flavia:

Credit: Nuramon
Get it here!

That’s all for the moment. I hope you enjoy these new animations!

Kind regards


I’ve made a short haired vanilla-style version of Nuramon’s hero.
Credit to Nuramon, of course.

While I’m at it, I might as well release all the various things I’ve been working on. All of them.
Magic FE10 armor (I call it the heavy caster)
and a quick animation and map sprite to go with it.
Heavy%20Caster%20M%20M Heavy%20Caster%20M%20S

Magic baron (credit to st jack for the original)
and also the baron staff animation with an actual staff (again, credit to st jack for the original)

%5BCAV%5D%20Cavalier%20(F)%20(Helmless)%20Bow%20%7BRobertFPY%7D %5BCAV%5D%20Cavalier%20(M)%20(Helmless)%20Bow%20%7BRobertFPY%7D
Bow knights (credit to RobertFPY for the original)
%5BCAV%5D%20Paladin%20(F)%20Lance%20Improved %5BCAV%5D%20Paladin%20Improved%20(M)
SALVAGED-style paladins (credit to RobertFPY for the original cavalier)
Female great knight
Harbinger magic
%5BMAG%5D%20Troubadour%20(F)%20Staff%20%7BIS%7D %5BMAG%5D%20Valkyrie%20(F)%20Improved
Long haired troubadour and valkyrie
Long haired female sniper (credit to L95 for the original)

I’m not a fan of my original FE10 soldier map sprites, so I fixed them.
Soldier%20(Improved)%20F%20M Soldier%20(Improved)%20F%20S Soldier%20(Improved)%20M%20M Soldier%20(Improved)%20M%20S
Bow knight map sprites
Cavalier%20Bow%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20F%20M Cavalier%20Bow%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20F%20S Cavalier%20Bow%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20M%20M Cavalier%20Bow%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20M%20S
Better female ranger map sprites
ranger%20m ranger%20s
Improved ballisticians (credit to DerTheVaporeon for the original)
Ballista%20F%20Move Ballista%20F%20Stand StallMove Ballista%20Stand
A generic Heath dragon lord animation (credit to Greentea and RobertFPY for the original)

A generic Ursula valkyrie animation (again, credit to Greentea and RobertFPY for the original) allowing for separate hair, body, and horse armor colors

Female SALVAGED cavaliers
Cavalier%20Axe%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20F%20M Cavalier%20Axe%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20F%20S Cavalier%20Lance%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20F%20M Cavalier%20Lance%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20F%20S Cavalier%20Sword%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20F%20M Cavalier%20Sword%20%5BSALVAGED%5D%20F%20S
Long haired female mage
Mage%20Long%20Hair%20F%20M Mage%20Long%20Hair%20F%20S
Improved cleric and priest (credit to Eldritch Abomination for the original repalettes)
Staff_000 Staff_000

Cleric%20Improved%20F%20M Cleric%20Improved%20F%20S Priest%20Improved%20M%20M Priest%20Improved%20M%20S
Vanguard based off Hector (credit to Temp for the original Hector repalette)

Eirika repalette lance (credit to Teraspark for the Eirika repalette)

Derfletch repalettes (credit to DerTheVaporeon for the original archers) - simply replaces one of the cloth colors with an extra hair color
Bow_000 Bow_000

That should be all.


Bless you, flasuban. Great work!

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Absolutely beautiful work.

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Daaaamn, that’s a lot of stuff!

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flasuban wakes up
actually fucking does it like a madlad


I very much like the Ursula Valkyrie. Good work!

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yes good

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Oh, is that all? You’ve been hoarding :wink: This one’s gonna take me a little bit and I love it. Awesome job, flasuban.


This is like an early birthday present.

Amazing job! I love the fact that you did such improvements and just plenty of new stuff, keep it up.


Hello everyone!
This morning, I’ve seen that male “Assassin” sprite only has got Jaffar palette.
Then I was bored and made this:
Male Assassin generic (custom?) palette based on his map sprite.
Blue (Ally):blue_generic_assassin

Red (Enemy):red_generic_assassin

I’ll give you a dropbox link for this. Feel free to use!
Link:Assassin Class Repalette Generic

PD: It’s a simple repalette. If you want to add to the Repository, add it.


I do appreciate an attempt at a generic palette, however you reversed the light and dark colors on their cloak. Simple and common mistake, but it certainly makes things look off.


I’m simply calling this release: flasuban.

I’ve added everything else new up to now as well, including some new thief repalettes that are compatible with both the knife and sword animation by @Pikmin1211 and @Maiser6 (also credit the original knife creators). You can check it all out on the site (or in the drive)!


Every hero begins somewhere.

Have a Thieffar


Angel of theft. :innocent: