The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


Hi there, just seen the web… man do you need some help with the design?? I’m a web developer I can lend you a hand if you want… Also seen your FEXP manual… it is great, complex, but great xD Could you make a video tutorial based on it??? It will be the first on youtube xD


I’m not the developer, @shin19 is, but as far as aesthetics go, I would be down for improving how the site looks. I know it looks bad, but I’m no expert on design.

Maybe Shin can offer his thoughts here regarding its design.

As far as FEXP, that’s a dead engine, IMO. Use romhacking, Lex Talionis, or wait until the end of this century for FEXNA.


Tomorrow I’ll give Lex Talionis a try… I didn’t know that this existed, all the forums sent me to FEXNA and FEXP or to dead dreams resignation.


LT has some issues currently, regarding how it isn’t aiming to mimic fegba perfectly and it takes a few liberties, but it’s a fairly solid engine otherwise and quite decent for the average user.

There’s also SRPG Studio, if you’re more into the SNES FE games :wink:


Sure, It’s on github and (I think) the footer should link to the repo.

My main priority has been keeping up with animations and adding features, I don’t think I’ve touched the aesthetics since creation.

Edit: Insights on design: I wanted to minimize the site’s footprint for faster loading/lower resources. That meant not utilizing large images for ui elements, backgrounds, header, etc. I’m also colorblind, so I chose colors that I generally have less issue with because hurrdurr blue=purple.

Anim backgrounds aren’t standardized, which imo is one of the biggest issues. However, they’d all need to be re-exported with a standardized color b/c the bg color is part of the exported image. Text is just text - I put no thought put into that. Weapon icons are (mostly) rips from FE10 and were designed (especially on mobile view) to be far enough apart and large enough for users with accessibility needs.

It was developed in and for chrome, mostly, so I’ve noticed strange css behavior in ie specifically.


How about converting to mp4 with ffmpeg?

gif An experiment in the mp4 format as a way to make gif animations smaller.
I tested using Nuramon’s Villager.

143,683 byte

103,522 byte

ffmpeg -i Sword.gif -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:v libx264 -movflags +faststart Sword.mp4

There is 72% of the original size.
103,522 / 143,683 = 0.724…

By specifying the “-movflags + faststart” option, you should be able to play without reading all files.




Lex Talionis is really awesome… It has some error and (maybe) missing options but if you follow the tutorial you need no knowledge of programming (but you need to remember how to do things in the code xD)

NOW, I wanted to announce that I’m talking with all the Rom-hacker in serenes forest (the ones I found at least) that are making rom hack remakes of FE4, and if they answer before I die, I will start to make an all-in-one remake of FE4 and FE5 with lex talionis… But I’m needing people to help me remake the old sprites and mugs from the original game and adapt them to Gba format


As soon as I get the first 2 maps finished I’ll make a demo


I’ll gladly help you, all I need is you to grant me access to the site files (copy everything to a folder named beta into the main folder where the index.html or index.php or index.whatever is) so I can edit them easily… Contact me at


So, today I decided to goof around, until I found out that the War Monk was using attack frames as dodge frames for the Staff/Magic animation. Oof! These are the frames intended to be in:

Staff_027 Staff_028

Luckily, I fixed that today. Make sure you download the updated files here!

Also, shoutouts to @Author_Pendragon for the Staff Map Sprites!


I bookmarked your post. I’ll have to look into how automated I can make the process a bit more later! For the sake of laziness, I enjoy sticking with what FEBuilder exports.


Download the update for the Derfraim Repalette, because I dun goofed and put in wrong commands for Axes and Handaxes.

Link should be the same, I hope.


The site and drive have been updated with all the fixes and new assets as of now. Enjoy ~


Ladies and gentlemen

We got 'im

Axe_000 Basilikos_000 Disarmed_000 Durandal_000 Handaxe_000 Sword_000%20(8)

A project that took over three months to finish, and with the help of Klok, Nura, Peerless, and also with credit to Greentea.

Download here!


I wish you’d lined up the swords and axes in parallel so we could see them side by side, but oh well…

Very nice.


The thumbs down crit makes this easily the best hero animation around. 10/10


Is that John Cena


This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


Oh shit this and a new spell animation on the same day? Hot damn.


Wow, it was worth the three months! This should be in every FE7 hack honestly ahaha. Goob job! :smiley: