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because letter “U” is right at letter “I” :slight_smile:


It’s just the resolution I have them displayed at. I have to make battle anims fixed heights and widths because some frames are twice the width of others, but spells are uniform. I’ll look into getting their displayed sizing closer to ingame/the source. I just never revisited the size after adding them. Thanks for the report!

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Just noticed I forgot to have a Spell Animation on the Sacred War Assets folder.

Just added it on the folder and it’s the “Hell Fire”/“Megido Flare” one.

Also here’s a shortcut:


Sweet! Thanks for cross-posting it here.


Well that’s rather strange. I never faced that issue and wasn’t able to recreate it. It worked just fine for me.
Which program do you use to insert animations?
Or has anyone heard of a similar glitch before?


Do you have the melee/magic fix patch installed? Your issue sounds similar to that.


@nuramon you are working in animations of echos


Thanks dude :stuck_out_tongue: I was getting to it, glad you fixed it.
But it does not look like it has the landing frames at all.




Did you make this sprite yourself?


Yes, I spent more than a week


Yea, I installed it and it seemed to fix the problem. Thanks anyway~


Hmm…I don’t really know how to rip the exact landing frames off. The landing, felt a little choppy so i removed that.

Perhaps if someone else find a way how to have those landing frames.


Does anyone know where I could find map sprites for vanilla classes? I want to put the FE7 Eliwood Lord’s animation into my FE8 hack. Thanks.


The Google Drive has all of the assets in it, it should have rips of the map sprites from every vanilla game.


That had what I was looking for. Thank you!


waits patiently for sword valkyrie
like seriously how do we not have that yet


Isn’t it just a Mage Knight with a Valkyrie wig?


Who made the soldier animation that’s used in a few older romhacks? Seen it in game, but can’t seem to find much info on it - would love to use it, but I’m guessing it isn’t free to use.

specifically talking about the one used in Dream of Five, Bloodlines, etc.