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That might be an issue with Yeti’s tool, which removes duplicate frames and repairs scripting issues. It could have messed up those animations. Can you list exactly which ones have issues specifically? All the animations, just swords, lances, etc?


Sword for the Grand Paladin done by Nuramon. And the script with comments and the dmp file is missing for the Axe animation of the “vanilla” Paladin, the one with the hand axe animation combined with the melee axe animation.

The sword animation of the helmetless wyvern rider also has a missing frame, I think.


There’s a buttload of animations, so it’s almost impossible to check all manually. I’ll also add that there’s always the possibility for FEBuilder to bork an export, which I’ve caught a few times. But please report any problems you have so we can keep making things better. I’ve added your reports to my todo!

Side note: @7743, I’m not sure if anyone has suggested this, but if you wanted to add the functionality of Yeti’s gif tool to FEBuilder’s animation export that’d be helpful for simplifying the process and may be preferable for you, too.


Regarding your sweet F!Assassin Bow, it’s not a huge deal, but, like the male version, it has the midriff covered. We don’t have any F!Assassins with full shirt yet, so if anyone wants to eliminate sexism make things uniform, they could make the midriff Bow Assassins or the full shirt female Assassin.


FEBuilder can already export animations as gifs?



The problem is that the gifs are mistimed and the export all functionality duplicates the frames: 1 set for without comment; 1 set for with.

@sniper_zero I downloaded all of the reported animations and they work fine, aren’t missing anything on my end. The best thing I can recommend at the present time is to redownload and report any more issues as they arise.


Good catch. I’ll cobble together the belly shirt version tomorrow.


Okay, thanks for checking. I’ll try and re-download the repository again.



Now with less shirt! See the sub-directory in my previous link.


Excuse a noob: What exactly is the use of the sheet.pngs in each folder?


Sheets are used for FEditor format (.bin). This is generally the superior format for sharing animations because it’s more compact and it can hold custom team palette data.


Thank you very much.

Edit: Has anyone ever tried a Warrior repalette?


Bow Bow


Made an unarmed dodge animation for @beccarte 's Female Bow assassin with shirt, as I didn’t find one in the repo. (this animation is pretty sweet by the way, I’m using it for my project). It was literally changing like 4 pixels, but it may save someone else some time down the line

EDIT: Old link was bad, here’s the new one


The problem is that the gifs are mistimed

Please explain more specifically.
I’m timing with great accuracy, but is it still out of timing?
Please explain in detail to correct the problem.


If you want to share anime, the bin format is a better way.
If you want to fix the anime, the text format was the better.

Currently, because there is a FEBuilderGBA animation editor, even if you export in text format, the benefits may be less.

However, there is also an animation editor now, and there are few reasons to make text formatting a default.
I may want to default to the bin format.


Gifs have been mistimed for a long time now. I have a tool Bwdyeti gave me which fixes all FEBuilder-exported gifs.

I should post it in the animation repository topic. Dunno why I never did.


I changed to default the bin format in FEBuilderGBA’s Export format.
The txt format is useful when changing, but most people seem to want a copy when exporting.


Klok basically summed up the issue. Unfortunately, as neither of us made the tool, I don’t think we’re particularly familiar with the processing that it performs (I can only say what the end result is). You could dissect the .exe, though. Or find a wild BwdYeti and get the source code.


Which frame of which animation is the problem?
Please explain in detail.