The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


It’ will be boom boom and bang bang and the enemy will be disappeared. Nice animation man


today I will concept the war monk for my hack
makes the whole War Monk instead
oh god, oh fuck

Memes aside, I decided to give life to yet another Pikmin :tm: Still, this time the War Monk/Battle Priest/POPEWITHAXES from Awakening, plus a bit of a few creative liberties in regard with the motions and/or design. Nura helped find some timing issues, while Pik himself made the sprite in the first place (more specifically, the still) and Wan helped with the axe arc and a few more issues :doot:

Anyhow, here you go.


Disarmed_000 Enemy NPC Other
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Map Sprites

priest%20m priest%20s

Class Card


Download right here, right now!


My child, the War Monk… it’s ALIIIVE!
I love him, super awesome stuff dererer.

Hate to be a bother Zimzam but any update for the unarmed Griffon animations?


Yeti, you idiot. You forgot to log out of your alt! Now everyone will know!


that baby fuckin hand axe looks ridiculous.


It’s not the size of the handaxe, but how you throw it.


how do you do these things so quickly?!


Creativity, boredom, focus and sometimes lack of internet.


It’s all due to the power of the super secret animation server


Back at it again with another blessed work of art. You’ve come a long way, dude! :heart:


Nothing I’m aware of, Ayr’s busy with school stuff so if anyone else wants to make it they’re welcome to.


some link to download them? :slight_smile:


The download link in the opening post is to the new repository and it contains every single currently available animation, neatly organised, with full credits.


thanks bro :slight_smile:


They’re here!
Hope you like Horsey-healers. (Troubadour Repalette)



Repalette by Pikmin1211
Animation by Maiser6
Magic Animation by Lissandra_Brave
Sword Animation by TBA
Original Deacon by GabrielKnight, edits by Pikmin1211


Updated the War Monk’s Standing Map Sprite to have a bit more motion.

Download should be about the same, though.


Hello guys, I’m back with a New animation, It is Eliwood with Sword of seals
Here is the Link:

Here is The video
It also has Spud’s Bow Eliwood in the video, so don’t mind that lol.


I really like the map sprites, great work!


What a coincidence! Here’s another Eliwood animation as well. It’s Durandal with ranged animations. It uses the replatted version by Temp. I just added sword flashing animations.



I’m trying to fix one of the sprite in NICKTcollection, after 3 hours via Paint this is the result:
Before: Lisa
After: Lisa_Bare
I am no artist but this is the best i can do. Take it or leave it, it’s your call Klok
Credits: NICKT, Klokinator