The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


here one gifts for me friend @Pikmin1211


the chimera class card


Looks cool!


TFW Dellhonne is turning into a submitter powerhouse. I’m so proud :sob:


Haha thanks my Friends


Here’s an FE10-style soldier. I’m not the biggest fan of the improved soldier, so I made this. It includes some class cards and map sprites as well.

soldier%20lance class%20card

And here’s the helmetless dragon lord. I’ll make a female version eventually, but for now here’s the male one, including sword, lance, axe, hand axe, and unarmed animations, and containing class cards and map sprites.

dragon%20lord%20lance class%20card%20axe

Credit to The Blind Archer for the Dragon Lord axe and hand axe animations.


From the creator of:
Derzerker: Marty’s Quest
FEDS Thief: Operation Quality
Jojaffar: Nino is Unbreakable
Thaumaturge: Addiction Utopia
and some others that I forgot about (most of them being insertable versions of Greentea’s gifs)

Here comes the Ephraim Repack!


Everything begins when I started to look for a sword animation for Ephraim. Despite how well done TeraSpark’s repalette was, I had an odd gripe about that sword animation, which, while it was okay to behave like a rapier, I wasn’t a fan of how Efrim spins the sword twice without much of an original motion.

So, I went on to make my own, but Pikmin stepped up and helped me with the matter of the palette: It was bad, distribution-wise. Therefore, we went on giving Efram some good distribution at the cost of the cape’s red and more color all over.

What started with giving a sword to Ephraim, it continued on with giving him proper justice to the palette distribution, and eventually ideas came to me, and I started giving Ephraim every single physical weapon possible, including crossbows and a long rapier. The result was my first marvel and achievement of 2019, with the help of famous spriters in the Discord server, such as Blaze or Black Mage. There was also a funny argument about the bow in private lmao


  • All physical weapons possible: Lances, Disarmed, Axes, Swords, Handaxes, Bows, Crossbows and Rapiers.

  • A good set of non-player palettes, along with a .txt file for their insertion in Pal2EA

  • Another repalette in another style, however with a few fixes in animation, especially the lance animations.

Upcoming features in the future because I gotta do War Monk after this:

  • Magic and Staff

  • More palettes

  • One or more surprises in hand

  • A female variant(?)

You can download it right here, right now!


Will you be doing a female version of the soldier?


Nice! It’s an official Generic Lord Animation Package!


Thank you very much! :smile:

Just when we least expect it, you’re doing god’s work, man. Keep it up!

That’s the smoothest soldier I have seen, though it needs a bit more blur and oomph to it, probably a glint when he raises his spear for the crit, but that’s just me. Other than that, well done~


Yeah, most likely. I’ll probably release it alongside the female dragon lord.


Cool, does this happen to be anywhere in gif or video form for viewing without inserting?










Please refer to Kamon’s post :sweat_smile:
I actually wanted to do it, but internet goofed up by a large mile when I was going to. :eliwood:

Mission Passed
+ Respect


I hotfixed some errors described above (thanks to Nura for finding out just today)

  • Crossbow: The quiver being missing during the critical animation and the dodge.

  • Sword: Ranged Attack Dodge used a wrong frame.

Download should be about the same, but just in case, here you go.


whould it be cool if there is animation of Wariors crit where he spins and just lets go of his axe to get stuck on enemys face


You’re welcome, Der. I’m glad to be of help.

But that’s not the only thing I wanted to say.
Some of you might wondering what I was doing the whole time…
Well I’m still animating but the RL is getting the best part of me lately and thus progress is kinda slow.

In the meantime I’ve been working on some things for Gamma’s Project “Sacred Echoes” which is likey to apear in the next bigger update.
And what I’m bringing you today is also related to that.

Meet the

Villagers (FE15)

_Ani_Sword _Ani_Sword

Credits: Nuramon

Get them here!

That’s all for now.


Meet the Villagers.
Next up is Meet the Heavy then, right?


I forgot that the repo also has spell animations so here’s a thing I did a good while ago

(gif is the only thing I had saved of it, it actually does deal damage)



Nice villager, Nuramon. You’ve been holding out on our discord channel :stuck_out_tongue: & cool spell, Sme. I’ve got everything up to date aside from these and these assets will be pushed in the next update.

The repo itself is kind of an all asset thing now, so if there’s anything anyone’s created that they want to make f2u, feel free to post.


my only complaint is that these look 100% better than vanilla anims so I’d feel sad about promoting them