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Keeping up with the Trend. I’ve updated and added more Icons. Kinda just reworking a lot of GBA Icons to match Awakening/Shadow Dragons.

I’ve had to take creative liberties for say Reaver Weapons.

(Top Half is what GBA Icon it replaces)

And a 7z of all icons separated.

If anyone has any suggestions, or ideas hit me up. Kinda wanting to round out a complete set and add new bows.


You da real OG.


I’ve been using the Greentea Kent and Sain animations for both Cavalier and Paladin and noticed it uses the ‘getting hit’ animation when missing an attack so it plays the hit sfx instead of the correct dodging one. Also, another question: Is there a way to edit the animation .pngs to fix errors (eg: Falcoknight repalette has a white pixel left on the enemy after an attack or the Dart’s Berserker animation during the axe hit animation not looking correct )


First one sounds like a scripting error, should be a quick fix.
Secondly, yes. Just open the animation and edit the pngs with whatever image editor you like.


Ever want to use that…
Actually, forget it. Here’s a cool female Salvaged Cavalier.

As always, package includes everything needed.


Original SALVAGED Cavalier by Team SALVAGED
Design by Pikmin1211
Sword animation by Maiser6
Lance animation by Maiser6
Axe animation by Maiser6
Handaxe animation by Maiser6
Unarmed animation by Maiser6
Palettes by Team SALVAGED
Map Sprite by Team SALVAGED and Pikmin1211
Class Card by RobertFPY and Pikmin1211

Gif Previews





The last animations of greentea:
Fargus Berserker:

Priscilla Valkyrie:

Ursula Valkyrie:


Looks like jj’s back! Applause
Have a cool hoodie for your Dark Knight.


Original Dark Knight by Teraspark
Design by Pikmin1211 with special thanks to Nuramon
Magic animation by jj09 and DerTheVaporeon
Sword animation by jj09 and DerTheVaporeon
Staff animation by Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon
Palettes by Pikmin1211
Map Sprite by Pikmin1211, Nuramon, and DerTheVaporeon
Class Card by Pikmin1211

Gif Previews






it’s not a phase, mom!



I mean, good work guys. All the anims have been downloaded and will be added with the next site update, which will also feature searching. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.


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gj everybody anyway. Those animations rock! :slight_smile:


Uh for some reason the Arbalist and SoA Griffon Knight lack a disarmed animation


When that happens, just ping the creators in this topic. I’d do it but I can’t find the Arbalist on the site to find its credits :sweat_smile:


both of them are from SoA, so @InvdrZim13 should be able to deal


Working on it


while you’re at it your hack has a ton of really amazing animations in general that i’m sure the rest of the community would love
pls gib


At least wait for the finished project to be released before you start asking for other people’s work!



Pffft, who do you think Zim is, Blazer?



That’s a good one.


sometimes you gotta shoot your shot