The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


Naisu but can i edit it? because i prefer long hair to ponytail I swear it’s for private use only.


You’d need to ask MK404 since he made the original. Otherwise I’m not sure why you’d keep it private


Well, here’s a female version of the improved cavalier.
Credit to Team SALVAGED for the original animation, of course.


wow this may be the first female axe cav
at least, there wasn’t one in repo 0.85 iirc
nice work


Nah, there was already a female axe cav. It just had issues, iirc.

Big thanks to Flasuban! Did you get permission to edit their female cav, though? Iirc SALVAGED was going to make their own female eventually right around when FEXNA’s release date was due.


Hey friend i have one question you go make the animation for you vanguard and marsmand class card


Maybe I’ll get to that, but it’ll take a while. I’m not good at making custom animations, most of the animations I do are edits. I’ll probably make a sniper edit for the marksman. As for the vanguard, I would say to just use the harbinger animation or the already existing Ike vanguard.


I made a “remake/edit” from Binding Blade with the boots of @Greentea’s Erk!sage.
Maybe no one needs this, but i still want to upload it here.

Credit not needed



Not sure if I report missing animations from the website repo here or not but, the knight repalette is missing the critical hit and the ranged lance animations so it crashes the game when used

#504 here ya go. The script we were given was formatted a little wonky, but luckily the FEditor format was fine.

Thanks for the report!


Where is or how do I find the repo for the animations ?


The repo directory is on the first post. This link is for the website hosting all the repo animations that Klok proided in post #457:


Yeah sorry, I haven’t officially added it yet since in my opinion the repo isn’t quite ready yet. We only have animations, not all the other fun stuff.

But you can click that link to view the site, mass-download everything, or pick and choose from a few of your favorites :slight_smile:

Edit: I added the link to the OP, but I plan to make a brand new topic soon.


It keeps saying its offline for maintenance.
I’ll be patient and wait for Klok and Shin



It works for me. Try again?


Its good now. Thanks


Female Salv Cav gives me life. Goodness Gracious!


What about Yetizerker?
You know, that one Bwdyeti did to smooth out the 'Zerker.


Are we allowed to make requests or ask for assistance here because I’m not good at all with drawing and what not but I have some crude animations that I could use help with making into something worthwhile for the community like this.


Noticed the Repo doesn’t have the non armored version of the Wyvern Lord Repalette:

and the Wicked Flier animation is missing a critical for both melee and ranged