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That bottom one has a palette issue when throwing a lance. That and it’s throwing a lance instead of an axe. Not sure if that’s intentional or not.


That’s just a remnant of the lance animation that I edited off of. Since throwing axes use the hand axe animation, the throwing lance animation that appears with the axe is never used and so I never bothered to change it.


That explains that then. I figured there would be a problem with it still having the throwing animation but it doesn’t.


The first frame of the Pegasus Knight lance animation has a different palette order from the rest. The pegasus also uses the lightest skin tone.


All the frames, including the first one, have the same palette since I exported them from FEBuilder as a GIF file. If you look at the palette during the animation you can see that it never changes.


I didn’t have any problems importing until both the falco/peggy revised lance animation, during which, I received a bunch of wrong palette errors for a number of frames. I ignored them all and the gifs look fine, so I’ve sent the updates out and added them to my limited version of the repo. But thought you might want to know.


I had the same issues. No idea what’s wrong with them.


Pirate (F):

Credit: @Waleed


Something about her huuuuge body looks weird. I think rather than a generic ponytail, she should have something more akin to flowing hair and a cap like the original fempirate, the skinny one.


I mean she’s swinging axes, she’s gotta have muscles. The huge body doesn’t both me that much. It’s definitely better than the skinny one you’re showing as an example.

I wouldn’t mind the bandanna though. It would better match the male pirate.


This one looks like a skinny granny lol and I didn’t give mine the bandana because I think it suits male pirate more.


Totally agree, she looks great and a bandanna isn’t necessary. Does need something though, just not sure what.:confused:


I’d say it’s the clothing. Looks like it was ripped off the Female Myrmidon. Not really fitting for a Pirate at all.


Body wise for a female pirate, having muscles to carry axes is important so thats a check. But I agree about the body, looks out of place. It’s good effort that we got something, just needs more shaped up female wise if you know what I mean.

So Waleed, I would suggest looking to the Fighter female animation made by Black Mage as a example to shape it properly.


Yeah, the body is built for speed not strength. That’s definitely what needs some alteration.


Not but every axe class doesn’t need to be built for power though, a fast axe class might be nice for a change


Ever want to use that cool Tellius Fighter but also have female Fighters? Look no further, then.

As before package includes everything you will need.


Original Tellius Fighter by MK404
Design by Pikmin1211
Axe animation by Maiser6
Handaxe animation by Maiser6
Unarmed animation by Maiser6
Palettes by MK404 and Pikmin1211
Map Sprite by Pikmin1211
Class Card by flasuban and Pikmin1211

Gif Previews



But wait, there’s more!

Here comes a mage on a horse, the Thaumaturge.
This is another complete package.
This animation also requires the C48 command patch.


Design by Pikmin1211 with special thanks to GabrielKnight
Magic animation by DerTheVaporeon
Palettes by Pikmin1211
Map Sprite by Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon
Class Card by DerTheVaporeon

Gif Previews



Oh, look at you, giving the female fighter a badass crit. Was that in the original male animation? Looks sick!


Yup, the animation is the exact same other than being a girl