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U made a staff animation pik?


I found this animation on Serenesforest.

Female Pirate:

Credit: oracle_of_fire and Sploder


*Klok meant a good F!Pirate. This one’s really janky. We do have it, already, though. Thanks for looking!


I purged that with fire lol


You know what we’re also missing? A Male Falcoknight. I was considering doing it myself but I’ll be busy for the rest of the year.


We’re also missing a sword Valkyrie tbh idk why nobody has done that yet


You’re god damn right, we have sword troubadours but not sword valkyrie and i still wondering why


What we’re actually missing is a Wyvern Rider with swords. I can’t believe this community has gone all these years without one. (If this exists, please post it here, it’s not actually in the repository.)


Lol Ok then I’ll try to make one.


Will all the animations in this folder be easy to use on fexna ? Or will we have to limit to the ones from gba games
edit : of course not the ones in the WIP section ^^


Ok, this is finally done!
Package includes everything you need for the Dark Knight class.
Please note the Magic animation requires the C48 hack.


Original Dark Knight by Teraspark
Design by Pikmin1211 with special thanks to Nuramon
Magic animation by jj09 and DerTheVaporeon
Sword animation by jj09 and DerTheVaporeon
Staff animation by Pikmin1211 and DerTheVaporeon
Palettes by Pikmin1211
Map Sprite by Pikmin1211, Nuramon, and DerTheVaporeon
Class Card by Pikmin1211

Gif Previews



I like how his staff animation is to violently beat his poor horse repeatedly.


good ol’ builder gifs


Thanks to klok and the others that awnsered my questions, guess i’ll switch to romhacking ( i have posted something on concepts if u want to check, i’ll fill the page with the content i’ve been working on. good luck on gathering and making animations,Will probably be back here to select one or two to add to my game when i’ll be advanced enough.


There are two kind of people:

People who would rather use Hawkzerker over Vanilla Zerker.

People who would like a Vanilla Zerker with fluider animation, yet a different style.

Credit goes to Kenpuhu and Aruku for Dozla Berserker, which served as an inspiration.

Download here!



So uh, at this point, Repo 1.0 is done. Like, it’s 100% complete.

The only holdup now is that Shin is making his website to improve the functionality of the repo. We’re going to make it look a lot better and make it awesome overall.

This isn’t the official Repo 1.0 release, but all the animations you’d ever want are in here.

The full official repo release will include class cards, map sprites, mugs, weapon icons, and a shitton more beyond that.

If you’re just interested in the animations, though, then there you go!


Congratulations on the finishing of the Repo 1.0! Also Shin for the website addition


Just remember to please use the download all button where possible. He’s using a free webhost, so they limit the number of downloads.

If you only want a few specific individual animations, then feel free to grab them, but otherwise aim to download the entire repo.


I have improved my pegasus knight/falcoknight animation. I would prefer to have this one in the repository instead of my old one. They add a third hair color and make the lances sharper.