The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


Yup. You can straight import gba animations into fexna.

Honestly, romhacking is way better than FEXP now. Several years ago that was not the case, but FEXP is grossly outclassed by the hacking scene now.

And I used to be the biggest FEXP proponent, mind you.


The original axe Merc is already in the repo, but I don’t think the handaxe work I can repair it if you want.
(Edit) Nevermind it’s working.


Can add here as a FEXP user, formatting the sprites into RMXP and using the animations tool in it to set things up is probably the only way to go. I’ve personally gotten used to it by now but it takes a LOT of time.


However, the dodge animation for the one I showed is entirely different and more in line with the original Mercenary, and the one in the repo is specifically for an alternate Armored version of the Mercenary (the one by Alusq, also in the repo). This is the same issue I had above - the axe mercenary in the repo has major dissimilarities with the one by Kilvas, the one I showed.
(speaking of which it’s still not in the bounty list)


No I meant the one by Kilvas is
already in the repo. I have it in the original merc folders it’s working and everything.


…oh. I didn’t see it because I wasn’t looking in that folder, but in the Axes folder. My bad. Thanks though.


Ross Berserker:

Credit: @Waleed and @Maiser6 for Skinnyzerker animation.


Dont forget the credit please.


Credit goes to me. :wink:


You took the skinnyzerker as a base right? So you need to also credit the creators of the original animation


Oh Ok


Is it, uh, that choppy in the original animation? Or are FEBuilder gifs waaaaaaaaaaay worse than I remember?

PS female pirate plz just a personal klok request since we have none of them


Ask @Mikey_Seregon since he gave me a female pirate map sprites may be he has its battle animations as well iirc


i can confirm that he does have the animation, it’s in his crossover hack. will he allow it to be used, that is the question


The orignal animation is not choppy at all. The animation in the preview is made at that’s why it looks choppy.


Y… you know FEBuilder can dump gifs, right? Use that. It’s way better :confused:

In fact, use the Dump All command.


If there’s really no female pirate animation than I’ll try to make one.


Yeah I know but I forgot to dump the gif and I’m so lazy so I just made the gif using my cell phone and uploaded it through it as well.


Dark Knight with swords is finished!


I’ll be uploading a full package for the Dark Knight when I get home with Magic / Sword / Staff and the map sprites