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Robert doing god’s work. Thanks a bunch dude!


Thank you Robert for all these animations. It’s a professional job.




Uh, isn’t that a Journeyman with Sword?

Also, is that the speed it plays at ingame, or is that FEBuilder’s output gif?

It looks, heh, choppy.


Uh, You could say that It’s a journeyman.
No, the actual speed is the same as journeyman.


Actually It’s my first attempt at making an animation, So it’s not too perfect but It just works fine.


Does it use the same palette as the Journeyman? I’m guessing not, which means it will be really annoying to place in a given folder.


No, It has different palette and also he’s not wearing shorts like Journeyman.


Recruit (M) :


Can someone show me how to make animations?


I’ve handled the swordeyman :slight_smile:

The gif he linked is indeed choppy and not indicative of the anim’s quality. To echo Klok, a version that uses the base palette and outfit of the journeyman would also be neat though!


Farina Falco:

Fiora Falco:

Florina Falco:


Greentea senpai, you awe this humble community with all your custom animations!


Journeyman with Sword:



yes discourse this is a complete sentence


Sorry if this isn’t the right place, but how to format the animations in that folder for fexp use ? do i have to create by myself the whole animation/battlers sheet on paint,net or is there an easier way ? Been watching some tutorials lately, they were talking about a progam that made it auto but it was kept as private. Has someone made an alternative to this program//has the owner decided to share it?
If it isn’t the right place, fell free to just redirect me to the corresponding section and delete my post
Thank you very much in advance


There’s no easy way to make anything work for fexp’s use, nope. You have to make each animation manually, format them in the RMXP editor manually, and position them manually, and they will likely end up a staggeringly ugly mess. I did it for 6 animations by hand and decided never to do it again.


Welp, then i guess i’ll have to wait till fexna release.
Any clue on if animations will be easier to add on it ?


Hey I realize that the Hawkzerker with sword had some errors so I’m uploading it again.


I believe FEXNA has a converter from standard gba format so it should be much much easier