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Since I contributed to the class card and map sprite thread I thought that I would do something here. So have some pegasus knight and falcoknight edits that I made a while ago. I really don’t know why nobody else got to this earlier.

Dropbox links:
Pegasus Knight:


There are also some edited map sprites and class cards included in the folders.


It’s always bugged me how bland Falcoknight grills look. With just a few added pixels, you made them look significantly cuter!


I have finished the improved falcoknight animations. Now they can wield staves and axes as well as lances and swords. The new animations are in the dropbox folder.

Credits to shadowofchaos for the original staff animation and The Blind Archer for the Dragon Lord axe animation(that I took the axe from).


how do i learn to make new battle animations? I want to contribute

Read Chapter 56 + 57. It’s pretty old but that part is still up to date.

That’s at least the way I’ve learned it.


I updated most of the general/marshall map sprites.
Plus I added two more variants (capeless axe + sword)


Very good, very good. I’ll add those now.

Sorry this update’s taking so long, guys. I’ve been really busy with other things. Unlike when I first created the repo, updating the current one is -not- at the top of my priority list.

I will get to it though, and hopefully it will be great.


I borrow some of the repository folder to create one of my own and when i inserted it via febuildergba it cause this

Anyone know how to fix this? I know the pallette is the reason but don’t know the solution.


It’s still using Dozla’s palette from FE8. You have to change the palette in the FEbuilder files. (I don’t use FEbuilder enough to know how to do this, but I know there are various palette options on the advanced menu with all the buttons)

Edit: I’m stupid and missed the second line. Um. I know FE8 uses a more complex palette system than FE7, but beyond that I’m at a loss. You have to assign him a different one… or something.


Thank you. I’ll try to find a way in “advance editor” and “patches” to see if it helps



The palette is still a bit disordered, but now this thief doesn’t use the same colors for his cape and skin anymore.


I added a version with a broad sword
For comparison:
regular sword vs broad sword

Both versions are available so one can choose which he/she prefers.

Nuramon, Iscaneus (for the idle sprite)

kind regards

PS: I’ll release another complete animation pack after FEE3 :wink:
Some of you might know what it’ll be. For those who doesn’t, stay tuned.


I did the palette edit that was made public, but that isn’t mine either

// super late


As I mentioned earlier, there is something I want to release after my animation showcase from FEE3 did drop. So here it is:

Inspired by Hectors newest iteration from FE Heroes Choose Your Legends 2.

The Brave Hector!

It comes with the complete weapon triangle and an unique animation for Armads!




That’s all for the moment. I hope you enjoy it.

Kind regards


I’ve been waiting for this to drop for a long time. Needless to say :ok_hand:


Alrighty, guys.

It took me a bunch of months… but finally I am drawing near to the end. I successfully spent 6 hours inserting and exporting 103 new animations into my repo.

I missed those brand new Greentea animations that Marlon scripted, but I’ll add them tomorrow.

The final step for the repo to be complete is for me to go through and credit all of the animation makers. This is going to be a long, arduous process, especially given that after 6 months a lot of the credits list isn’t filled out. It seems that it’s no longer editable, which is a bit annoying… but I’ll make do with what I have.

I finished 95% of the work. It’s almost done.

This is the final stretch.


Edit: Oh, big thanks to Brady and Attilla, who left comments on a bunch of animations along with sources to the creator’s original work. I actually can’t find any that aren’t filled out! What a bunch of bros!


More good news.

I sat down and credited all the animations. What should have taken an annoying and tedious 30 or so minutes… took five hours. Because as it turns out I was right and a bunch of animations on the list weren’t credited. As expected, they were also the most annoying kind to identify; repalettes and new hairstyles. Uguu.

I got almost all of them. As of now, these are the only four uncredited properly.

Edit: We found the authors of three of these. No idea about the bow paladin tho.

I know who made all the paladin animations, except for this bow one. Maybe someone sent it to me over Discord?

Note that even though all animations are technically credited now, the subfolders for individual animations are spottily added. Ex:

In the case of this animation, Primefusion’s name is beside the animations he specifically made. Ones with no credit are assumed to be vanilla animations. The {NA} is missing a credit.

The problem is, most subfolders don’t look like that. It’s a lot of work to go through and mark every individual subfolder; to the point where I’m not going to bother doing it. We have the animation sheet thing for reference, it will have to do.

Alright! So we’re ready to release, right?


It turns out that I have more work to do. Not exhaustive and important things, but I still want to do them for QOL reasons.


I would like to make all of these properly transparent. Not the biggest deal, but it’s on my list.

Other stuff like that.

I intend for Repository 1.0 to be a big, full release that I won’t touch anymore beyond adding new things. No more mass reorganizations, no matter how much, ahem, certain people whine.

I don’t have time in my life to spend on repository shenanigans several times a week. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, we’ll release the whole thing here soon.




To spare Klok an update, we’ve found every one of those sources aside from the !BowPaladin. Please help us return this poor lost !BowPaladin to its parent(s).

Cue “In the arms of an angel…”

I reserve the right to maintain that this ninja edit happened before Kloks update. Bad Klok. BAD. Sad.


On top of that bow Paladin, anyone know who made the Lalum with Staves animation? I tried searching for FE6 Dancer but it just gives me a wall of results for @Dancer_A, and if the animation is named after Lalum/Larum, I can’t find it on SF or here.

Edit: Christ’s sake, I should have known to look for “Dancer (FE6)” lol.


Can I add another unformatted graphic to the list?