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There’s no need when it’s in the actual repo.

The credit doc is for things that I have yet to put in the repo. Once the credit doc is done, I’ll overwrite all the folders and setup a new structure so everyone is credited properly. This is already the case for any new animations added since, well, the day this topic dropped.


:thinking: Not be rude or come off as rude in any sense, but…
Could I request the Mercenary F (Axe) animation that I made be removed for the time being? I do not explicitly recall ever requesting it to be added to the repository at any time :thinking:. I only remember asking whether I should contribute it(on this thread) and asking for critique on it on discord. Plus, an incomplete package was added the repository anyway, which lacks proper indirect animation, and I still want to polish the animation(which I asked for on discord, but I think people went off on a random tangent about GIF formats and exporting from various programs instead of actually critiquing it, or they started to do so after I had left :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) a tad before I consider re-adding it. :upside_down_face:

If I am mistaken, tell me so. I have pretty bad memory anyway.


Sure. I’ll remove it for you.


I reuploaded.

-Removed the F!MercAxe
-Added MEGA BUFF MOULDER SLAMINATOR by Vilk (Added it to the original Buff Mouler folder as an alt animation)
-Added Long-Haired Troubadour by GoofyFan

I think that was it.

Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

Sup guys.

I spent the last two weeks working on an animation that I feel is more fitting for Ephraims promotion.
Good ol’ Eph is one of my fav lords in the franchise and I was so exited when I finally was able to promote him during my very first play through of FE8.
…well nearly all my exitement vanished the moment I saw his great lord animation.
In my opinion it was simply boring to watch it. I ever wanted him to be an infanterist and a badass one too.

So I decided to finally give it a try and create a more fitting animation.

And that’s the animation I want to share with you today.
I gotta admit I’m very satisfied how it turned out.

(shoutout to my colleagues from the Spritans channel :wink: thanks again for the very helpful critique!)


The unmounted Ephraim!GreatLord

Credit: Nuramon

Side note:
This package currently contains animations for spears and unarmed.
But the axe animations are in the making and sword will follow at some point too.

kind regards


Very neat…indeed it looks like a smooth transition of animation.


That’s awesome. Good job!
Bow too, pls. :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks Alfred :smiley:

but I don’t plan to do so. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m quite busy with the rest though.


Hey, me again. Made an animation for the Mercenary. Now he has a massive sword.

Download here.


Hiya everyone. I’d like to submit some mugs I’ve made to the repo considering they’re already free to use. Some of these are in varying levels of polish, and I won’t be putting any reshades or beta sprites with frames.

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/5/55b603cbb2bcd99b1d54e8545bed40f5df3f477d.png" width=“128” height=“112”>

That should be everything. I didn’t list any reshades, minor edits, or very obvious memes.

A special thanks to Blueyguy, DerTheVaporeon, Scraiza, FEier, Peerless, and Xigdar for helping on various of these.


Here’s another hair edit to an animation: Rangers with twintails!

Comes with the sword and unarmed animation too, of course.


Here the map Sprite


Great contribution, Dellhonne. I’m genuinely proud of you!

Did you make those sprites or get them from somewhere else?


sure i go try ahh is forgoten post is for generic necromancer

Upgrade: Face edit


Submitting this.
Credit to: Me, BlueDruid, Princess Kilvas, and Nuramon


When you want to port a whole spell from Binding Blade, but CSA Creator says “no u”.

Oh well, get it here!


Here is the armored axe merc, Credit to @Alusq for the original armored merc, MissKilvas on devianart for the spritesheet and me @Maiser6 for the animation: note I kept the original crit for the axe because I wanted the axe to have a different crit then the sword.


Is this hand made? Can you make Apocalypse?


I could try, but at the moment, I have several priorities ahead of me.


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