The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


Trying to extract the new 7z file gave me over 800 errors…


Also, what’s the difference between Armoured Hero and Normal Hero?
Coat-less, they appear to both have the same amount of armour.

Can you tell which is which?


Extracted just fine for me. Maybe it didn’t properly upload.

I readded it. If it doesn’t work this time… are you using 7zip or winrar to extract? I’ll try adding a .zip as well.


Seems to be working now, thanks!


So quick question before I use these animations. Is it okay for me to use any of the animations in my hack as long as I give credit to the creator? I wanted to ask beforehand just in case it isn’t because I don’t want to make anyone upset.


Yes, as long as you give credit to the creators you are free to use them :wink:


Okay. Thank you! I’m not good at making sprites so I’m excited to add a female shaman and axe using wyvern riders.


Note that mostly because of Laziness, I have yet to add credits from the credit sheet also the fact ya’ll haven’t finished it yet tooootally has nothing to do with my hesitation but you can refer to the sheet and folder names in tandem to figure out who to credit.


I don’t really get why the mounted brigand is in the axe class folder, and not in the, y’know, mounted folder.

The female halberdier folder’s name is also fucked up:

also how do i do spoilers

EDIT: male high magus also seems to be missing a walking map sprite


Fixed and reuploaded.


Good. Will download later.


Does there already exist a long haired Troubadour animation somewhere? I didn’t see one in many of the FE GBA animation topics out there, including this one, but I’m not sure if there’s one floating around somewhere else or not.

Either way, I went ahead and made one.



I made one a few years ago but it doesn’t hurt to have more. Someone may like yours better!


I’ve never used feditor, sorry about that. Everything worked fine when I tested and imported through febuilder. (in regards to the swordfighter F). I don’t see it in the repo at all anymore actually.


My guess is that FEBuilder interprets things differently from FEditor. Don’t worry, you’re not missing out by never having used FEditor before. It’s a terrible program we used because there was nothing better. These days it only sticks around for certain legacy features. It actually ruined the FE7 version of my team hack for good by fucking everything up with insertions. These days, I stick it in a folder named “Hell Program” just to express my feelings towards having to use it for a couple things now and again.


Which one? I haven’t removed any animations.


You named it the MyrMercidon or something like that instead of what he named it.


I just straight up don’t see it in “sword classes”.


Should have searched for your username :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I’m not seeing it in the credit doc linked in the op.