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Salutations FEU

Today I bring you a slightly edited Great Lord!Hector animation which I made for @Pikmin1211.

The Harbinger:

Credit: Nuramon, Linkain Arakeist (for the magical orb)


That’s awesome, I was actually wishing there was a less overtly “hector-like” class that maintains the amazing sense of weight the Great Lord class has in it’s animations.


Wow, that’s really cool. I’m going to find a place for it in my hack because it is too good to pass up.


hello all people here my apost to is forum

quimera map sprite made by Me use and Like.


Wow, very nice work, Dellhonne! You made those map sprites for the Chimera yourself, right? They would go very well with this animation.


It’s really interesting to put every anim in one place. I remember when i was younger, I did a fucking Dark Druid animation for FEXP Klok’, that was so annoying and buggy as hell xD (I had Metakirby as my username before haha)

Actually I was gathering every animations I could when i was young, so i already had a lof ot things. But lost my interest so totally forgot i had all of this. (I had every gba, a lot of custom, etc…)

Guess what, I found some animations i had on my old computer and some are quite good.

There is a Gorgon Egg battle sprite made by Pie1055, i don’t know if it’s already in there :

Leaf by Atey

Hooded Swordmaster

I even found an animation for Duma by sploder

A Pupil bow animation by Ren Ookami

An hooded shaman, no credits

Custom affinity icon, sadly with no credits too

And i found the Brammimond battle sprite I gave you in the past, but it’s again impossible to know who actually did it

A savage wyvern but no credits

I have a lot of things who aren’t finished, incomplete or not interesting. (icons, portraits, skills icons etc…)

I remember I found a lot on google image, from website who are now offline, etc… So it’s quite difficult to actually credit peoples who’ve done them. Brammimond battle sprite is sadly in one of those case.


Oh I know that mountless wyvern, I remember seeing it a long time ago, and finding a sheet, but said sheet was JPEG’d, much to my dismay.

The credits are, thankfully, actually there here. Apparently Ren made a crit for it. Dunno the permissions on this sprite, though.
He also has a mountless Pegasus that doesn’t seem to be animated into anything yet.

Also this is probably not useful for anyone in particular but I had this silly little class type icon made a long time ago, if somebody actually has a use for it though they can use it.
I don’t think it’s paletted for GBA but whatevs.


yes i made is for you animation


The Leaf animation is not available for public use.


Ah it’s perfect that you found it in sheets + with a critical! I love this animation and the Pegasus looks good too!

And thanks for the information about Leaf’s battle sprite (wow I don’t understand how to answer to 2 members in the same post… Just new to this website xD)

I hope we’ll find all credits, to prevent using work that aren’t of public use :slight_smile:


Araknir, since there are few credits listed for any of those, I generally won’t put them on the bounty list.

A secondary issue is that all of those animations are… not very good. The one with any merit is owned by Mikey Seregon, so I wouldn’t add it anyway.

That being said, thanks for the contributions! The Gorgon Egg one is pretty funny.

Also, the dismounted wyvern is by Mercenary Lord, unless he changed his name?


The affinity icons look like @LordGlenn’s? Confirmed?


So, while I’m thinking about it, here’s a zip file with just a bunch of shit I’ve done, but haven’t released yet, or that I didn’t see in the google drive.
Included are: Bishop M Repalette, Brigand w/ Headband, Cleric M/F Repalette, Ghost, Mage Lord, Mercenary Repalette, Monk M/F Repalette, Poltergeist, Swordmaster M Restyle, 57 Mugs of varying quality, and the palettes for all vanilla FE6, FE7 & FE8 characters, barring any I missed.
Here’s the download


Those aren’t mine (sadly - they look great!).

They’re pretty detailed though, so they’re probably by one of the higher tier spriters in the community.


holy shit dude


I see, no problem! Yeah I love the gorgon egg, it’s better than having no animations at all.

Brammimond was one of my favorite but as there is no credit :confused:

Anyway if I can find something useful, with credits and better than those, I’ll give them! (I’d love to learn to sprite so maybe one day…)

And yeah these affinity icons are perfect! They’re so much better.


Here I am again, bringing u yet another animation.

This time the most powerful mortal creatures that ever stomped upon Tellius.

[details=The Black Dragons of Goldoa]

Credit: Nuramon[/details]

This is my second fully costum made animation and I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


I used to have a lot of free time on my hands, and I’m not super creative, so I have a lot of vanilla stuff stockpiled. I also have all of the vanilla battle animations ripped, but I believe those are already in the drive?
Word of warning, the palettes sadly do not work with Fe builder, as they are on the format used by FeRecolor.


I don’t think the animation will work with the breath attack animations that are available as the ones I can find all come from the ground level and over horizontally.


I know that it don’t fit perfectly. But I can’t do much about it since I don’t know how to edit magic animations.

To be honest the FE7 Flametongue animation does fit quite well because the flames doesn’t start from the ground.

Magic is also an option.
It’s up to yourself what you’ll go for.


As an enemy, Idunn’s Dark Breath might work pretty well!