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Clearly the solution is crossbow shield knights! (Yes I know you typically fire a crossbow with two hands., I’m joking.


You could go off of the cannon general animation where the “bow” happens to also be a cannon


I’m actually planning to do the canon general, when I have the spare time. :wink:


Hey Klokinator, it turns out the neither of the T3 class you had for FE7CM has a melee range magic animation.


Wait, seriously? Are you 100% on that? I never experienced any issues in FE7CM with them.

To everyone else… I think the repo is completely up and running. All animations should work fine. Please report any issues.


I placed them into FE8, and checking in FEBuilder, they only have one frame for melee animation.

Edit: I just tried to reimport the High Magus animation and FEBuilder report that there is an error and the animation can;t not be imported because Magic_000.png is missing

Edit: Same thing happened with the Patriarch animation. (Both of them are the male version)


I just imported both from the old and the new repository without any problems. Try redownloading their folders?


I just download it, and now it works; however, the magic animation still doesn’t work at melee range.


Come to think of it, we never tested in FE8, only FE7. Does the animation work in FE7?


I had the same problem myself with the p/matriarch.

What fixed it for me was going into the “Magic” File and copying everything from “C03” to “~~~” from the “Ranged animation” section to the “melee animation” section (and the same with ranged crit to melee crit).


The shield is difficult to see, yes.
It’s just a minor thing that bothered me, seeing all animations with shields except the one with bows.
Sorry for my OCD, oof.


The author for Micaiah’s sprite is Cipher Lee, I made the animation.
I also made the animation for Ninian and Nils with staff.


I have a question:
There’s this bug with Eirika’s Great Lord critical animation where the typical flash is missing when she hits.
Shadowofchaos fixed that but I can’t find a link to it anywhere.
Does anyone have it?
Or even better, is it already in the repository?


Ahh, I assumed Micaiah was made by Cipher Lee and you merely inserted it. Will fix the credits.

Der, no clue about that one. I didn’t know her animation had an issue at all.


There appears to be an error with the Wicked Rider’s lance animation when used by your unit. It works fine when the Wicked Rider is an enemy and you attack it,but when an enemy attacks a allied Wicked Rider, the game crashed and something about a unsupported BIOS showed up.


I edited the Ike Ranger map sprites to convert them into ones that could be used for the Greil lord unit. All I did was change the colors and got rid of the goofy headband tassels. I took the colors directly from the Greil battle animation frames, so the palette is not right for import into the game. (However, FEBuilder’s import options did convert it into a decent-looking sprite.) I did make the hair darker than it is in the battle animation because it didn’t look right otherwise. Feel free to use them, improve them, or ignore them. I am not an artist, but hopefully these will be of use to someone.


I believe the Ike Vangaurd palette is borked. It is not uniform between weapons. So if you make a custom palette for the sword, the axe will get screwed up, and vice-versa.


Probably a side-effect of the sword and axe animations being scripted by two different people.
The axe animation was done by Pikmin1211. You’ll have to talk to them.


Hey! DerTheVaporeon fixed the P/Matriarch animations and the High Maguses!

You can find them both in the dropbox :slight_smile:

Original animations made by @MrNight with cleanup by @DerTheVaporeon

They loop properly in battle now, too!