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I’m confused: doesn’t XNA just use a converter from GBA formatted anims?


That it does! But thanks to XNA working how it does, there’s no OAM limit, meaning that we can do a lot more with animations - which means large Anims like Arbalist can become smoother and I can get more creative with larger anims, which otherwise would break in GBA. Arbalist is a bit choppy, but I’ve remade it for XNA to be smoother.

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hm, no idea. I don’t modify the spells (or anything) at all other than running them through FEB, so my first guess for any decrease in quality would be from FEB. It looks like you normally export with FEB, though, so I assume that isn’t an issue.

@7743 any ideas that could be FEBuilder related?

Other than that, I’ll redownload your original and do some digging.

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Plus he got a magic stick


There are two SpellAnime Engines in GBAFE.
FEditorAdv engine and CSACreator.
FEditorAdv has only half the vertical size of the image available for BG.
Height: 160/2 = 80dot

FEditorAdv stores 80 dots vertically.
In actual battle, this is stretched vertically and displayed.

CSACreator operates in the mode of Height: 160.
If you use the compatibility mode of CSACreator, it will be the same method as this operation.

FEBuilderGBA allows you to import into FEditorAdv Engine even animations made for CSAcreator.
If the image is 160 dots vertically, it is realized by storing it down to 80 dots.

If you are using the FEditorAdv Engine and import an image of 160 dots vertically and then export, you will get an image that has been reduced to 80 dots vertically.

//The performance seems to be better with CSACreator, but I think the FEditorAdv Engine is more stable.
//For example, if you set multiple images after the miss-Terminate, there is a reduction that freezes when attacking with Hero or Sniper. :frowning:
//(This is a problem that occurred in the version ported to FE8J, and it is not known yet whether it will occur in FE8U.)
//If you are interested, have a look at NGMation’s Discord.


The forward dodge freezing was an issue that was fixed for the FE8U version of CSACreator.


I’m only 2 frames in and I’m already dead. I have no idea how y’all do it.


I see.
We have to port FE8J again.


What it is is a simple hook in an AP loading routine, and that’s where it gets stuck in an infinite loop. My logic basically was
if stuck
make not stuck
There’s probably a more elegant solution but eh it works. I don’t think it would be at all difficult to adapt.


This problem also seems to occur with CSA Creator v1.1.
I have only tried it on the FE8J, so I still don’t know if there is a problem with the FE8U.


Have you ever just spent the entire day making something so dumb but it worked so well in the end. That was how I felt getting this to work.


Forgot to add this with it
Can’t wait for Mugging Blitz Round 7

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So, I accidentally had the FEditor CSA engine on in FEB. Wooops.

Since this was affecting the quality of all of the new CSA-engine-created spells, I downloaded all of them again and sent them through properly. No more distorted images. My styling isn’t updated yet, so many won’t display properly on the site tonight, but the data is good (which is the most important thing).

For anyone who has downloaded these from the repo, I’d recommend redownloading them in whatever way you prefer and reinserting them (with the proper CSA engine installed). Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

Spell Animation Archive/Let's Have More of Them Project

Did you try to edit the patch for FE8J? The patch is only for FE8U.


As it was able to reproduce also with FE8U, it stated here.

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Do you like Salvaged Paladin ?
Well, I like it a lot actually, so I did that :

Unarmed_Pal (1)
Axe_pal%20 (2)
Hand_axe_pal (3)
Lance_Pal (4)
Sword_Pal (5)

It’s a Salvaged Paladin without the helmet (because why not) and recolored so I called it SalvRepal.
I made some customs palettes for the preview so you can see the possibilities. (if you can recognize them all good job they are from Fe6 )

Credits :

  • Pikmin for the modification of the still
  • Leo_link for the edits
  • Team Salvaged (obviously)

Hope it can be of use and a BiG thanks to the Salvaged team for the paladin.


Would you be up for throwing together a casting animation for the Salvaged Paladin? :smiley:

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Drive/emblem anims updated.

I’ve also updated the search to include the class and tier/element (magic) since those aren’t a given when searching.

… and there’s something else a little new here. We’ve got our Brave Lyn insertable courtesy of @marlon0024 and @282190. Marlon made a release video, check it out!