The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


Thank you very much
Two month we’ll spend I’d say xD

@Kevin712 there will be at some point.


That’s good to hear. Two months worth of hard effort I say that’s worth it.


Hi guys :wave:

It’s been a while since me last post but don’t think I was lazy
well at least not all the time though xD

This is what I’ve been doing lately:

The armored Dragon Lord

It comes with animations for all physical weapon types!
Addotionally I’ve improved the Bow animation.


Nuramon: armored versions, reworked bow anim
Great-Aether: for the waist armor
Feaw: repalette
The Blind Archer / Dei: original Axe and Handaxe anim
PrincessKilvas, Spud, Blue Druid: original Bow anim

I hope I didn’t forget anybody.

[details=Greenteas Hurricane]I simply wrote the script for it for him.


That’s all for the moment. I hope you enjoy what I did xD

PS: @Klokinator I think the Wyvern Lord repalette from Feaw is missing in the repository.


Well after months of waiting, here is the Zephiel with a generic sword.

Credit to Hairyblob2 on devianart for the spritesheet and me @maiser6 for scripting it.
Heres the download.


Nice, this will be of use ,for my hack


VERY nice.

I’m going to take a little time to update the repo. It’s been a while.


I’ve finished the Axe and Handaxe animations for Zephiel and also ajusted the sword one, I put them all into this folder,
Credit to Hairyblob2 on devianart for the spritesheet and me @maiser6 for scripting it.


Let me tell you all a joke. Two cleric, a king, a squire a mercenary a pirate and three berserkers, enters a bar and they all want new animations! Hilarious! But seriously this is my homework for the week

[details=Cleric with sword] Credit to me @Maiser6 and Raiden for the spritesheet. Comes with a serra and a generic Cleric, There is two versions of each, one with a heart slicing crit and the other wit a prayer crit.
Link [/details]

[details=Full King animations (except Bow)]Finally all weapons (except bows) can be wield by the king himself zephiel.
Staff (same as magic but with a different script) preview for the rest are up.
Credit to me @Maiser6 and Hairyblob2 on devianart [/details]

[details=RE squire] I alwayswanted to have a generic sword class for my enemy, but the original squire was not so great, so I remade it with the best of my habilities.
Old Credit for the new me @Maiser6 Russell Clark, Credit for the Old A Random Player, Kobazco and Russel Clark. Comes with a Map sprite and Class card.
Download [/details]

[details=F Mercenary (Yes another one)] And directly from the to do list, a female Mercenary Credit to me @Maiser6 and Serragirl for the spritesheet
download: [/details]

[details=Pirate with sword repalette + magic sword]Simply a repalette for the sword pirate by Pimpstick, It can now work with the original pirate pallette and I added the magic sword animation Credit to Pimpstick.
Download [/details]

[details=Hawkeye with sword]Just hawkeye with a sword Credit to me @Maiser6
Link: [/details]

[details=Hawkzerker with sword + missing unharmed animation]Since a did Hawkeye with a sword it would a been a waste not to do the hawkzerker too and since a could not find the unharmed animation I made it, plus a made the handaxe for the Hawkzerker, so I can proudly say that the hawkzerker is complete! Credit to me @Maiser6 for the sword and unharmed and credit to TheBlindArcher for the original Hawkzerker
Link: [/details]

[details=Skinnyzerker] and last one for today the skinnyzerker
Credit to me @Maiser6 and Zomaxiee for most of the Spritesheet.
Link: [/details]

Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

Yes it’s me again… Let’s just get to it.

[details=Griffon knight fix and lance] This a fix for the griffon knight with a sword repalette by @BlueDruid, Credit to them. Donwload:
and I made a lance animations for it Credit to @BlueDruid for the original and me @Maiser6 if you want. Download [/details]


Noticed a thing or two wrong in the repo as I was making my individual viewer. I’ll be putting everything I add to my github that isn’t already in your repo to this dropbox link so you can add them easily.

Initial errors: Hero M Armored uses the vanilla FE7 coated hero anim for sword. FE7 vanilla coat hero isn’t in the repo.


Sup guys :wave:

Guess what? I have some animations for you! xD
Some of them are new, some are just updates for existing ones. But see for yourself :wink:

various snipers (update)

Some of you might know that I made edits to the sniper animations.
Welp although the may look pleasing they all share one major flaw.
I made the snapback / recoil of the bow way to big which is unrealistic.
With this update I’m adressing this mistake.

for the case that some might prefer the snapback-version I just added a version without it.

  • Temp and Wan for Rebecca
  • Swain for the generic sniper
  • Nuramon for the edits
Greil (Alondite + regular axe)

This is an simple edit that adds Alondite and a more default/regular axe to Greils arsenal.
(I know, he never used Alondite but I wanted to give it to him regardless xD)


  • Cipher Lee: original animation
  • DerTheVaporeon: script and formating to make it insertable
  • Nuramon: Alondite + regular axe
unmounted Great Lord Ephraim (update)

Well I found a few errors in the script and frames which I want to fixe with this update.
But that’s not all! I also added an new animation to the package. :wink:
Namely I added an anim for his legendary spear Siegmund based on the footage of FE Heroes:

Get the package here:

Credits: Nuramon

And last but certaintly not least!

Zelgius 2.0

The ones of you who follow the #spritans channel on discord might have seen this already.
For the ones who didn’t see it:
I’m currently working on a completely new Zelgius animation.

Zelgius was the reason why I did start to animate. And he also was the first char I made an animation for. This was during christmas '17 and the anim sucks in my eyes now. So I decided to give it another shot. And I gotta admit I’m quite pleased with the result.

For reference, this was the first one:

And this is the new one:

I also wanted to see how far I’ve come in merely 8 months. xD

At the moment it only consists of the sword and unarmed anim but I plan to make the spear next.

Credits: Nuramon

That is what I was working on the past few weeks.
I hope you enjoy these animation :slight_smile:

Kind regards


based nura


Wow, Nura. Great stuff as always.

I haven’t said much, but I’m slowly working on a big update to the repo in my spare time. Unfortunately, spare time is hard to come by these days.

Mostly it will be focused on a giant organization switch, adding in the few dozen new anims, map sprites, class cards and etc that people have posted, and I would like to include a few other nonessentials as well but it all depends. I have no ETA on this update because, as stated, I am very busy with other things.

Sadly, being an adult means having the free time of an adult; ie not much.

Also, loving that Zelgius. Truly great.


Thanks Klok!

I know what you mean. Work does consumes quite some time and there are a few other things in life aside from that which one have to deal with.

I may have some spare time these days but that is most likely to change in the near future tho.

Regarding the repo, yeah you have quite a bit to cover since your last update.
And one could say I’m partially to blame for this. xD

To make it even worse, I yet have another two animations to share today xD

One week ago I did submit the first bits of my Zelgius.
Now I’m done with the rest as well!

[details=Zelgius 2.0] This time I gave him Alondite and a lance.

Credits: Nuramon

I’m now done with this animation package. :smile:


Not counting the one you just posted, these are all in my “add to the repo” folder.


Does anyone have @Primefusion “Dark Knight” Animation anywhere? I was looking around but unable to locate the animation.


It’s in here.


@Primefusion is this one not yours?


Yes. That’s his. Why do you ask?


I’m trying to implement the animation for a project.