The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


Missing from the Repo (Which has almost none)


Um… no?

Map sprites are, generally, in the folders for the animations. I have the majority of them. I’m only missing a few.

This folder here is mostly the civilian map sprites.

What I need to do is to rename the map sprites in every folder to something consistent.


Ah. Lol, I just saw that one of the map.sprite folder was nearly empty


Finally all three final bosses of the GBA era are portable, this is Fomortiis, same as before, it has issues, some of 'em unfixable due to the format, but has a lot of advantages over the background using ones, like making Idoun Fight Fomortiis with barely no glitch:

Don´t forget to credit :smiley:
Here is the video!


Wow, dude, you’re the man! That’s awesome :slight_smile:


Great animations Indeed. However if I remember correctly, Idoun had 2 more attack animations she does randomly in FE6. One of them she bite you, and the another she uses her tail to swipe you.


Yeah, she claws you and tails you, however, that animation has some crazy ASM or crazy command i don’t get so see in her animation, and has a random chance to use any of those 3. I have not figured out how she does it…


Oh so it’s claws and tail instead of bite and tail. Oh well amazing job regardless.


No, i thin i said it wrong, my Idoun only uses Fire, she does not claw or tail, it has to do with the animation codes, but thanks a lo anyway


Hey guys

I’ve finally finished the sword animation for my Great Lord Ephraim!
Additionally I’ve reworked the idle cape frames of all existing animations too.


Get the updated full package here:

Credit: Nuramon

This concludes my Ephraim Great Lord… for now
I wanted to test myself with these animations, to see what I’m capable of right now.
It was quite the journey but well worth it and I gotta admit I’m proud of the results.

I hope u enjoy these anims.
kind regards Nura


Nice job! Question will it have map sprite animations or no?


Pretty cool ! I especially like the Axe one !


fking love your work dude, this one is sick! Thanks for the effort and congratulations


Thank you very much
Two month we’ll spend I’d say xD

@Kevin712 there will be at some point.


That’s good to hear. Two months worth of hard effort I say that’s worth it.


Hi guys :wave:

It’s been a while since me last post but don’t think I was lazy
well at least not all the time though xD

This is what I’ve been doing lately:

The armored Dragon Lord

It comes with animations for all physical weapon types!
Addotionally I’ve improved the Bow animation.


Nuramon: armored versions, reworked bow anim
Great-Aether: for the waist armor
Feaw: repalette
The Blind Archer / Dei: original Axe and Handaxe anim
PrincessKilvas, Spud, Blue Druid: original Bow anim

I hope I didn’t forget anybody.

[details=Greenteas Hurricane]I simply wrote the script for it for him.


That’s all for the moment. I hope you enjoy what I did xD

PS: @Klokinator I think the Wyvern Lord repalette from Feaw is missing in the repository.


Well after months of waiting, here is the Zephiel with a generic sword.

Credit to Hairyblob2 on devianart for the spritesheet and me @maiser6 for scripting it.
Heres the download.


Nice, this will be of use ,for my hack


VERY nice.

I’m going to take a little time to update the repo. It’s been a while.


I’ve finished the Axe and Handaxe animations for Zephiel and also ajusted the sword one, I put them all into this folder,
Credit to Hairyblob2 on devianart for the spritesheet and me @maiser6 for scripting it.