The Ultimate Graphics Repository for GBAFE, FEXP, and FEXNA


Great contribution, Dellhonne. I’m genuinely proud of you!

Did you make those sprites or get them from somewhere else?


sure i go try ahh is forgoten post is for generic necromancer

Upgrade: Face edit


Submitting this.
Credit to: Me, BlueDruid, Princess Kilvas, and Nuramon


When you want to port a whole spell from Binding Blade, but CSA Creator says “no u”.

Oh well, get it here!


Here is the armored axe merc, Credit to @Alusq for the original armored merc, MissKilvas on devianart for the spritesheet and me @Maiser6 for the animation: note I kept the original crit for the axe because I wanted the axe to have a different crit then the sword.


Is this hand made? Can you make Apocalypse?


I could try, but at the moment, I have several priorities ahead of me.


Hello i have more post for is great place


I got bored, made a thing.

Here’s the link.


Sup guys :wave:

I just finished the axe and handaxe animation of my unmounted Ephraim great lord and wants to share it with you. I added them to the existing animations.


Credit: Nuramon

I hope you enjoy it.


Good shit as always, Nura. Though I think in some way the crit animation for the melee axe could be made a little better by having the current hit transition into the regular attack animation after the sideways slash. I’m no animator though, feel free to disregard me.


I love the neutral-B smash for the axe. Wow.


thanks man xD
imo that would be overkill, in terms of OAM, effort and the duration of the amination.
Even if it don’t exceeds the OAM limitations, I would have to let him change his stance and grip entirely. Which would require quite some work tho.
Lastly it would strech the overall length/duration of the crit to a point where it might become a bother to watch it somewhat frequently.

thanks Klok xD
tbh I’m quite pleased with it myself


Updated the repo for literally everything up to now.

Ephraim GL
Axe Merc
SD9K’s stuff
Griffin Knight w Bow

Etc etc.


Greentea’s Berserker Dart axe animation isn’t positioned right when it hits.


I think @DerTheVaporeon is the one who updated it.


@Klokinator, I fixed a placement error with the axe merc, could you replace the one in the repo with this one


Hey. I’m planning on exporting all the map sprites, what would the best way to upload them be?


Hi everyone, i made a new animation, a portable Idoun for Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones:
This is the showcase
This is the download link:


Make a main folder where all the folder of the map sprite are. and upload it on dropbox.