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I made a female edit of Salvaged Paladin (Lances and Unarmed only, since that’s all my project is using - if anyone wants to do the other weapons feel free to use this as a basis).


Download here


Thanks. Didn’t someone mention thay had a map sprite for that brigand? Was it ever made available?

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It’ll be available next week once I pay Glaceo the commission for it since it was me who commissioned it. I’ve got a loan coming through next week and spent most of what I had left in my account on the bus so that’s why it’s being held off.


Oh, ok. Thank you for considering making it available.

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Going into debt for sprites. That’s a new one :smiley:

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Considering how student loans function here in the UK I don’t need to worry the debt collector being on my ass or anything.

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Working on a Project that required a recolored Lilina Long Hair Mage Sprite. Our current ones are pretty static pallet wise so I decided to fix it to be compatible with Generic or Custom colors.

1-4: Generic Colors
5 - Lilina (Included + Matches Redbean’s ArchSage Lilina)
6 - Lugh
7 - Hugh
8 - Cait (Duplicate Flesh Tones)

Pallet Information
 4 - Skin
 3 - Hair
 3 - Cloak
 3 - Clothes
 2 - Background + Outline/Shadow
 1 - Trim

Download Here


She looking like 2hu’s China on the NPC palette :o


Hah, I just copied a Myrmidon’s Pallet due to the distinctive hair swap between teams. I thought he looked like Kakoyin from JJBA with the Green Jacket / Rust Hair.


This looks great! Are you planning on giving the female sage the same treatment?


No current plan to right now. I’ll be using RedBean’s Lilina for Female Sage in my upcoming project.

If it wasn’t obvious but if anyone would like to take a crack at adding a stave or other animation using the repallet, feel free. This Animation is complete according to my needs.


Released an update for the Derfram animation.
Changes include the following:

Added Pierce Frames
Characters no longer dodge abruptly in the bow and crossbow animation
Positions adjusted according to the Myrmidon
Added a missing frame to the Sword crit


Don’t forget the Weapon Icon Repository Weapon Icon repository


That’s already in the repository, I think.

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Don’t forget about the Map Sprite/Class Card Repository

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Here’s something I have been keeping in the loot for days, and I am proud to present it to you: The DS Pirate (or Pirate 2.0)!
Axe handaxe

Basically a limber, more acrobatic version of the Pirates, considering they are supposed to be fast sharks, backflipping around for the sake of Shanty Pete! Get ready to become a sail now!

Class Carrrrd


Walking Boy Map!

Moving Standing

Get it here right now, matey!


Looks sweet!


Beautiful Der, nice to see you finish up another one!

(Think I’m gonna have to use it in my hack >.>)


Finally scripted Redbean’s Fir Myrmidon Sprite.
I also spruced up the pallet to make the outline/shadow and sword colors uniform to other animations.

Download Here


very amazing men what are you next proyect?