The three ancient weapons and how to translate them in GBA?

So, i’ve had this thought in my head for awhile, i plan on adding the bow: Luna, the sword: Astra and the lance: Sol with the proper skills built in respectively. I plan to have them tied to secret events as well, but i want them to be well worth the method of obtaining them other then the built in skills. Any ideas or thoughts?

edit: i plan to keep them unbreakable as a reference to their echoes counterparts so there’s that.

edit 2: After some quick research and stuff, i decided to keep them secret events and the skills built in, to either recognize their heroes orientations and to make them tower/ruin rewards

Luna: complete the tower once
Sol: clear half of the ruins
Astra: clear the ruins once

To help with this, the bonus characters from the requirements normally will come with these weapons respectively. I think that’s fair as i don’t want them to absolutely massacre the main story campaign given their high stats, skills and them being unbreakable to boot.

Do you mean SoV’s implementation of these weapons? Or rework with how Skill Systems interprets them?

A mix of both actually. The SoV versions, except they have the representative skills built in to (somewhat, looking at you luna) represent the combat arts, sol for solar thrust, astra for astral blade and the luna bow will have luna and very high hit, think around 120 hit or so.

Isn’t Solar thrust just a strong hit?

My interpretation would be the following:

Astra gets super high CRT, even higher than a Kill Sword or Wo Dao, like 50-60 CRT. SoV Astra had highest CRT of any weapon in the game. You could give it Wo Dao Lock (Myrmidon, Swordmaster, Blade Lords onky) and make Astra a class skill for those classes.

Luna gets super high HIT, to the point of insanity. You could just give it like 200 base HIT so that it will hit absolutely anything, regardless of how weak it’s user is. Sniper lock would be redundant.

Sol gets super high MT, higher than most S-rank weapons (like 40 MT compared to the average 16 MT PRF/.S-rank weapon), but high WT to slow users down. You could also assign “stat boosts” to it in the form of a SPD penalty, so that units would struggle to double but the extreme MT would compensate by OHKO’ing most things.

I’m not sure on whether or not you can assign skills to weapons.

With the skills patch you can give weapons skills as long as you have the skills patch applied to the ROM.

Last i played echoes it restored some HP when used for the combat art.