The Tavern Adventures (3/30 Chapters Done)

Hey, I’m Gultykappa, and here to present my most recent project. You might’ve seen one of my previous works, namely The Flames of Freedom (Unfinished) and FE: But It’s My Biology Homework. But today, I wanna give you something that’s personal to me that I’ve been working on. I call it The Tavern Adventures. I kinda wanted to make something to really test where I’ve gone in hacking and storytelling. This hack’s characters is actually based off of the little friend group that I’m in, at least the main ones and some of the enemies in character paralogues. They also chose their own skills, so… maybe beware of balance.

Right now it has 3 chapters done, but I’m planning on it having 30 by the time it’s all said and done. Of the cast of 20 characters, each of them will have a personal mission to optionally undergo, leaving only 10 chapters to the main story, and therefore required.

This hack has a base with various characters to talk to and interact with. This may not be much for now, but I believe it’s a good start for now. Perhaps the description hasn’t been the best, but I hope you all give it a try at least! Credits, patch, and some explanation of a system or two are included in the download.

Download Patch:


Most of all, I wish you all have fun playing! Tell me what you think after you finish it. I would love to hear every small opinion and thought that you might have to give.


The Tavern Adventures seems like an interesting concept with plenty of characters to go for their missions and having the tavern as a breather segment for the players to take in. Hopefully, we can listen to some nice peaceful music in the meantime.

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I appreciate what you said. I did hope it would be something fun for you to play. Maybe even a story that is enjoyable.


Gave this a try. Can’t actually enter the hub area.

I’m stuck in this prep screen after the first map. I can view the town, but there’s nothing there and no deployment slots, with no way to start the map.


I apologize for that. It seems I forgot to make a unit placement for hard mode in that one. Entirely on my forgetful mind. The updated patch should account for that.

Okay now that I could actually progress, I finished the demo, haha. The free movement hack is really cool, and I’m glad to see a hack that’s trying it. The hub world was pretty barren, but it’s still early, so I get that. Adding more NPCs, particularly outside of buildings, will help to liven things up. It also seems like you haven’t gotten around to doing music yet, since the near victory song was playing in the hub area.

The actual battle maps themselves were very simplistic, and especially easy to break because the armor knight has Provoke. But it seems like the gameplay of these maps isn’t really the focus, so much as the town and the framing of everything and stuff. Overall, cool, but still early and obviously needs work. Good luck with the rest of this.


Thanks for that! Yeah, you caught me in saying that challenging gameplay wasn’t my focus though. I truly do prefer giving characters and the world/situations around them spotlight instead. I think I spent at least three times as long writing text and alternate conversations than eventing the actual thing.

As for the town, I think I’ll take your advice in putting some NPC’s outside the buildings next time. By next time I post another major update, another 3 chapters will be done, so I hope you’ll enjoy it then too!

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