The Soundroom: Music Repository (103 Songs)


I’m not familiar with the megarepo; and therefore said music folder content isn’t included in the current repo. The current music repo contains insertable music from f2u sources that exist outside of vanilla FEGBA games.

However if you’d like to link it I’m all for it Shin; whatever makes everyone’s lives easier (The whole point of a repo, right?).

I will be updating the dropbox in the near future with SaX’s contributions as well as a boat load of other tracks I’ve made insertable.


Hello all, the dropbox has been updated, I’ve added:

  • FE4 - Defense

  • FE5 - Pressing Threat

  • FE7 - Binding Ties (Prototype)
    (Courtesy of @MrGreen3339; they were in his thread found here)
    Advance Wars - Andy’s Theme (didn’t see that you updated your post to include it)

  • The 4 songs provided by SaXor

Here’s a bunch that I’ve worked on, all taken from the midishrine:

  • Castlevania - Stage 5
  • Castlevania 2 - Bloody Tears
  • Castlevania 4 - Simon’s Theme (removed quiet portions)
  • Final Fantasy 9 - Boss Battle
  • Final Fantast 10 - Enemy Attack
  • Naruto - I Said I’m Naruto
  • Naruto - The Raising Fighting Spirit
  • Tales Of Symphonia - Fighting Of The Spirit
  • Tales Of Symphonia - Fun With Idol
  • Tales Of Symphonia - Like A Glint Of Light
  • Tales Of Symphonia - Nekonin
  • Tales Of Symphonia - Offkey
  • Tales Of Symphonia - The Law Of Battle
  • Tales Of Symphonia - Zelos

(Yes, I like Tales of Symphonia)


Edited the file names to include who made the songs insertable (for crediting purposes), for now on please include that in the file name when you make a submission:

“Source - Title (Your Username) [Tales of Symphonia - Shihna (A_Reliable_Chair)]"

Edit: Also it just links you to the ultimate repo, a solo link is redundant.


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team - Darkness Ridge (GratedShtick)

I ripped it from the ROM itself and used NIMAP2 to make it sound good.


Walkürenritt(Ride of the Valkyries)

Please use it in the scene where a helicopter attacks a village.(w

Since the original song is long, I edit and shorten it.
Also, the tempo of the song is a little faster.(tempo 160 -> 170)

This version to play on tempo 160 of the original song.


Hi people! this my first post in this repository, well this my contribution.

Resident Evil Dualshock - Basement (Original Version)

This is a very strange theme, but maybe you use it in a strange event, tested in FE8 native map II.

Resident Evil Dualshock - Basement (Creepy Remix)

This is a costumize theme, but it’s sound more creepy maybe you used it a cave or a mystery theme , tested in FE8 native map II.

Fight without grace (Softly with Grace Remix)

This a remix of Softly with grace, but a little different, tested in FE8 native map II.


Dvořák světa
Dvorak From the New World Beginning of the 4th movement
ドボルザーク 新世界より第4楽章冒頭