The Seemingly Forgotten Class

If there’s one thing in GBA hacking that bugs me beyond no other, its that the concept of a Bow Cavalier & Paladin (not nomads of course) really does not get enough love and attention around here and thats something id really like to understand why, especially in terms of animations and also hover sprites.

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There is actually a bow cavalier and bow paladin in the graphics repository if you’re interested.

The real question is, where are the sword valks at?


I’d like to see more monsters in the repo. But :man_shrugging:


Sword valkyries are gone👀

I think there are some monsters out there? Mermaid lich etc (nah monsters arent that cool)
Sword valk :slight_smile: someone above added sword valk in his hack but there were no animations
(Axe lord was forgotten I think, people only use the fighter or hectors to make it)
Maybe the forum could use some new weapon types too?

Check the halberdier section under lances.

Does anyone, anyone at all, remember the commando class, from the Archanea saga?


Meanwhile I have a Bow Cav and a Arch Knight in my hack lol. But tbh the nomads sword animation was always badass to me. Spinning UNDER the horse and sliding back on top? over the top but so cool


Sorry, some of us were distracted with our three ballistae.

Did u refer to vanilla nomad trooper anim? Or fanmade anims? I think i never see it in vanilla or some hacks
Mongolia intensifies (so badass that they conquered half of european)

Vanilla if you slow down the animation they literally swing their sword, hit the enemy, continue the swing momentum to slide under the horse and land on the other side

I personally find mounted bow units very fun to use and a nice excuse to put bows to work, but I feel like they make foot bow units somewhat stale in comparison since if they’re mounted, they have more mobility and more reach.
That said, as enemies I do find mounted bows to be nice for pressure because of how much range they have.

WOW, I’m mind blown, I never noticed !
But to be honest it’s almost impossible to catch if you are watching at full speed. Which is a shame ! Since the concept is so cool!

I remember Master Knights being forgotten since its debut on Genealogy of the Holy War. Surprisingly, Intelligent System never thought of bringing it back in future installments and I want to see more appearances of it.


Sir you have sullied the good name of monsters, of which I am a fan. For such transgressions I demand a duel!!


I have bow cavs in my hack, they’re pretty funny, although they promote into a nomad-like class.

the topic has been dead since 2020 let’s not

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