The Problem With The Romhack Community

Hello everyone, I’m Citrus, here with needlessly problematic Community Topic #74 well known figure in the Fire Emblem hacking community and developer of a really cool and awesome hack. What’s it called? You wouldn’t know it, she goes to another forum.

Anyways, today I’m here to discuss a festering problem within the romhack community: the romhack community. You all are terrible people, but not me of course, I am at no fault for any of these problems which I am calling out.

Reason 1: The Disrespect

Romhacks are violations of Nintendo’s intellectual property and the creative integrity of developers. They said so themselves, and anything a billion dollar corporation tells me must be true. Once an Intelligent Systems developer was shown a video of The Last Promise and broke down into tears on the spot. Romhacks account for a massive profit loss for Nintendo, and we are actively denying them the right to sell unmodified ROMs for full price.

This is why I propose we monetize our romhacks and give the profits to Nintendo, to thank them for their hard work, as without them, there would be no rom to hack.

Reason 2: The Toxicity

The Fire Emblem hacking community has to be one of the most toxic and unwelcoming communities I’ve ever been a part of. Just look at these screenshots and tell me you want to be associated with these people.

As any good Fire Emblem fan does, I base my entire personality around what fictional characters I like. As such, this blatant disrespect towards Al is blatant disrespect towards me. And I’m not even going to mention the violent displays of violent violence going on here.

Here, one person blatantly disobeys my requests and refuses to call me cringe, while another spreads false information. I am kek. Not cringe.

Reason 3: Selfishness

If stealing from Nintendo wasn’t already bad enough, you absolute hypocrites accuse the fair use of others as being stealing. I can’t use your animation you spent 16 hours making? I can’t put this portrait you made in my hack and make her my self insert’s love interest?

Got two words for you buddy: ENTITLED

The amount of entitlement artists feel towards their own art is astounding. Not to mention foolish as well, as they’re denying themselves exposure.

A wise man in FE hacking once said: “It’s a strategy game. A turn based one, so you have time to plan.” I believe we should not only apply this strategy to our gameplay, but our habits online as well. So the next time you’re about to post something, just stop and think: “what would Citrus think about this?”


who are you


Citrus, well known figure in the Fire Emblem hacking community

umm maybe learn to read next time sweatie :nail_care:



Yes, that’s true. We are very bad people. Sorry.



What do you mean “out of season”?


Then I realized today is April 1st

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This is not a joke. All my posts are completely serious.


I’ve seen too many random tweets with google doc callouts in my lifetime for y’all to play like this

I dont doubt that. I trust in your words


FE7if is a good hack,don’t bash it.

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