The problem of 'King' class in FE7

I made King class from FB6 into FB7,however some problems in battle(appear dark magic when attack):

How can I fix it? Thank you

At least we need a screenshot or 2 to help you man, no offense .

That is from exporting directly from FE6 to FE7. If you check the repo a corrected version of the file is located here.

Thanks so much.
But the system said the data is to big for the rom when I import Eckesachs (FE6 & FE7-8)…how to fix it? Thanks

Sorry but I can’t upload the pic…

Click the download button. Extract the file then import the text file Sword.

Yes, but it said the data is too big and affect the rom storage when import the text file…

iirc you can also import a .bin file or some other type of file for animations, try that one

Thanks. But it said the data is too big(.bin)…

Only animation of Eckesachs has problem, other like sword and lance are ok