The Over

we need this so that we can look back on this and be like “eh, these were the good ol’ days when we had 3.9k members”

be nice, friends



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Yeah, these were the good ol’ days when we were hacking GBA games instead of the 3DS ones.

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New rule: nobody’s allowed to like any of the replies in this entire thread.


I cannot relate to this as I’m a newer unit in this army.


In true spirit of the internet, when I said nobody’s allowed to like anything in the thread I expected people to dogpile likes on my comment while leaving the others barren whilst never explicitly acknowledging it.

I think you might’ve ruined the funny here.


I wish nobody (the person) left those likes.


Ive been hacking for 6 months and im already a jaded cynic

Smh my head at all of you

The Over? More like, it’s over! Ha ha ha… (Laugh!)


lock 'em up, boys
show’s over

I can’t handle the weight guys.

I guess I am a weak soul who will succumb to a strong spirit.

George Bush in Legend of John How To Unlo-

Sorry thought this was Google for a moment.

This isnt over, its the Beggining of the End!!

in five years this place will either be thriving with thousands of members

or a desolate wasteland with five members online at once

either way let’s enjoy these good days before fedsbuilder is released and let’s us make the ugly 3d animations be replaced by gba animations and all of us are complaining how fire emblem 20 is not as good as 16.

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