The King's Last Wish [COMPLETE]

This hack was mostly fun to play, the low density of player and enemy units, means that I don’t have to squeese my brain too much, but I would like to use more units per chapter. In terms of graphic, there’s nothing custom, except chapter 7, but that’s fe6 snow tileset. There were some chapters that I’ve hated, like chapter5 and chapter 8, due to the sand and chokepoints. Remember that parking an armor knigth isn’t tactically stimulating.

I don’t enjoy having 2/3 of my army moving at 1-2 tile per turn.

Especially with a beserker that moves 3 tiles per turn. Remember that there’s a lot of other troubles, like the enemy pegasi, the mages, you only have one pegasus, and she can’t ferry all of them before turn 9

So I patched the game to the latest version, and yet:

  1. On chapter 8, even though I did keep all the green snipers alive again, this time their conversation at the end of the map didn’t even show up at all, thus I still got no orion’s bolt from them.
  2. On chapter 9, even though at the end of it Augustus does say the convo where he’ll now join your party…upon starting chapter 10, he’s still not in your preps menu, almost like he wasn’t recruited at all.

Maybe you are approaching the chapter wrong, she is not supposed to ferry everyone across, just Osborn + boss killer (most likely Royce), while everyone else going around the sides to get the treasure. Royce can take the boss alone with a silver lance, but since you didn’t deploy him, you had to ferry multiple units. While I understand where you are coming from, I don’t want to make drastic changes based on feedback from only one person, so I think other opinions may be needed. Perhaps some of the desert tiles can be replaced with sand but not all?

Btw, I don’t know if it was intentional, but you can’t get all the treasure with one thief, before turn 9, you have to use other units, to go around the city, these units have 11% to found an item. I still think this desert chapter is bad. At least arcadia gave me a sense of fear, but this is just boring.
Tbh, desert chapters are hard to make. I suggest to not make desert chapters at all.

I am aware, but you can use the desert item exploit, not sure if you’ve heard of it, but if you reset the game and then view units portrait once, you are guaranteed to find the treasure, however, I probably shouldn’t make the player rely on an exploit, so I may give piper full move in the desert, this would also alleviate the feel of slow pace, so I will change in next patch :+1:

Good idea

Thanks for letting me know, as for chapter 8, sometimes febuilder just switches/removes pointers for no reason, it’s annoying but it happens at times. But I have definitely done it this time (I might have to record this so people don’t think I’m crazy lol).

As for chapter 9 issue, the reason is because I am a little nitpicky when it comes to the cutscenes. When you have more than 1 dialogue in the end event, it flashes back to the map for a split second in between dialogues, even with the “fade to black” command. So to circumvent this, I created a purely black map and then I erase all units from the map in the end cutscene. However, this had the knock on effect of deleting Augustus before the conversation/change of faction could occur. So when I patched it originally, I move the “erase all units” command to after the conversation but not after the change of faction (i’m stupid I know lol). Now I have put it to after change of faction, so when I release next patch, it should definitely be working.

Sorry for the boring technicalities, but I thought since the error happened twice, you deserved to know why.

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V1.41 patch notes:

  • fixed 2 bugs reported by @1_2_3

  • Snipers now have 15% crit boost. The sniper in the prologue has been replaced with a warrior to stop the sniper feeling bs with the crit boost in the prologue. The crit boost should also make Starla a more viable option to choose in chapter 11.

  • Piper (thief) now has full movement in the desert chapter to make it easier to get all of the treasure without relying on the desert item exploit and to make the desert feel like less of a slog.

Well, hello, I’ve started playing the game not too long ago. Here’s my team as of now. Starting Chapter 5.

FE The King's Last Wish-1
FE The King's Last Wish-2
FE The King's Last Wish-3
FE The King's Last Wish-4
FE The King's Last Wish-5
FE The King's Last Wish-6
FE The King's Last Wish-7
FE The King's Last Wish-8

Level 10 piper at chapter 5… thats some dedication right there lol

Well, I like using her because I think she’s cute. Her and Shelley both.

One quick question: do you have discord? I want to contact you in private.

Yes, Jack_G#9529

I had sent an friend request to you on Discord.

Accepted :+1:

V1.42 patch notes

  • fixed an issue where v1.41 removed all changes made in v1.4

V1.43 patch notes

  • fixed an issue with music in the second half of the game.

  • Other small miscellaneous things that are not worth mentioning.

V1.5 patch notes:

  • New supports have been added.

  • Fixed an issue with an item acquisition in chapter 9.

  • chapter 5x is now a Thracia style escape map rather than only the lord needing to escape.