The King's Last Wish [COMPLETE] (Update: New Recruitable Character)

V2.63 patch notes:

  • Fixed an issue where Wesley and Charlotte could use each other’s prfs.

  • Fixed an issue where the flame lance was effective against flyers.

  • Fixed an issue where Trisha would appear in chapter 15 if killed in chapter 14 and wouldn’t appear if kept alive (supposed to be the other way around).

  • Arena winnings are now 200% across all difficulties rather than getting reduced gold on hard mode. 150% on hard mode meant you would usually lose money due to lost battles.

  • Slightly weaker promoted enemies.

  • Linda -1 constitution.

  • Other minor changes.

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Big update (v2.7):

A new recruitable character has been added to the game. He can be recruited on chapter 12, and this is what he looks like at base:

John also has a linked death with his father (Nicholas) in that if one of them dies, the other will leave your party (or Nicholas will not join if John has died before he is recruited), similar to Pent and Louise in FE7. The story reason for this is that Nicholas doesn’t want both of them to be on the battlefield to ensure that the bloodline does not die out (“There must always be a Stark in Winterfell” type thing).

Note that John does not currently have any support conversations, but I may add some in a future update.

He was previously a minor story-only character, but now he is recruitable on chapter 12. The decision between recruited Renley, Starla or Nixon is now between just him and Renley. Starla and Nixon are now recruitable at different points in the game. This means that the total number of recruitable characters is now 27 (from 26), and the maximum recruitable in one playthrough is 26 (from 24), hopefully this will have the added benefit of making the game more ironman friendly as well.

Starla now starts as an enemy unit in chapter 9 that can be recruited by Monty or Osborn. She starts as an unpromoted level 9 archer with B rank in bows and a brave bow in her starting inventory. This should allow for an easier time dealing with all of the wyverns in chapter 10 as an added benefit. Here are her base stats (growths remain the same):

As for Nixon, he is now an enemy unit that is recruited on chapter 13. His recruitment is a little complicated, so see the recruitment guide in the OP for details (although his recruitment method is hinted at the beginning of the chapter). He is mostly the same stat-wise, except his base level is now 3 (from 1), his hp is 2 higher, his defence and resistance is 1 lower, and his resistance growth is 5% lower. He also joins will a brand new weapon:

The devil sword works just like the devil axe and grants the 8x wexp. Hopefully this will allow sword users that would previously struggle to reach S rank (namely Charlotte) reach it more realistically.

Chapter 12 has also received a slight aesthetic improvement and a secret shop has been added on the top right tile:

2023-05-25 (3)

Those are the most major changes, but here are a few other changes that I did not mention:

Other changes
  • Andy now joins with the member card, which will be required to access the 3 secret shops.

  • Nicholas no longer gives you the armourslayer or the battle axe in chapter 15. Instead, the armourslayer has replaced the silver blade in Nicholas’ starting inventory and the silver blade and battle axe have been moved to John’s starting inventory.

  • Nicholas now has A rank swords rather than S rank.

  • Renley now also joins with a recover staff.

  • Some minor story changes to accomodate some character’s changed recruitment times.

  • Osborn can now only receive lances on promotion to differentiate him from the new unit and to offer uniqueness in being a lance infantry when there are many axe infantry characters.

  • Devil axe has received -10 crit (now 0) and -5 hit. Hopefully this makes it less risky to use the devil axe to increase axe rank without having to worry about a crit-backfire.

  • Slightly buffed the paladins in the final chapter.

  • Nixon no longer shows up in chapter 5 for story reasons. Instead, a group of bandits will show up.

Please note that this patch is not compatible with old saves beyond chapter 8.


A hero named John…

Is there a hero called John in another hack or something? If so, it is entirely a coincidence.

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