The Game Keeps Going to Main Menu

I am working with Fire Emblem 8 on FEBuilder. I’m currently working on my Chapter 12 written in the “0D” id. On turn 5 player phase the game reverts to the main menu, and if I try to resume the chapter, the game freezes. I’ve been trying to fix this by changing the number of units on the map and changing the turns reinforcements appear, but I can’t seem to find a solution. Might anyone have an idea of why this is?

Here is a report.7z:

At the beginning of player phase turn 5, no matter what I seem to change, the game returns to the menu. If I try to resume the chapter it often freezes.

Please provide save data for the 4th turn at least.

This is because you are using SkillSystems 20200411.
SkillSystems 20200411 has a fatal bug, please update to the latest version of SkillSystems 20200430.

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It appears as though simply updating SkillSystems fixed the issue! Thank you!