The Future of Hacking

Warning: This is more of a rant with a wall of text as a result of me thinking about this for three days straight. You’ve been warned.
Now, I’ve been around for a little over a year, and I’ve been hacking for a year, and I’ve already seen a lot of projects rise and fall. Whether it’s me being excited for The Nameless Heroes to be finished, or all of us giving a funeral service for Tale of Ternon, we all have to admit that we’ve thought about what the future will hold, right?
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’ve been thinking about our “Age of Hacks” and what future hacks will look like. How advanced will FeBuilder get? Will hackers in 2050 even know of Nightmare? Will “ASM Wizards” be no more? Will they have some sort of apprentices? Will they become obsolete through some program that hasn’t been made yet?
Even then, this was just mostly me wondering about the future, which I do a lot. I also wanted to start a discussion about it though. After all, things are not made now without thinking about what we expect in the future. At least, that’s what I think. Just to be clear, I didn’t want to start any arguments about anything, just create discussion. Anyway, can’t wait for FEE3 2020!


It’s been a while since I read this much text that ultimately seemed to say nothing at all.


If ASM wizards become obsolute, then I would have a fieldday with that hackingtool.

I don’t understand what kind of tool is going to make wizards obsolete.
No wizards means no new custom features.


To me the final future of hacking is not any “tool” but the source code of the game. The source code of Pokemon, Zelda and Mario have been leaked, so it may come someday.


<insert popular incomplete hack> might actually be finished by 2050

<insert sitcom laugh track because no one’s actually laughing>


If you have the source code I don’t think I could consider that hacking anymore, but that’s an issue of definitions I guess.




I’m not sure about 2050, but we’ll know for sure in 100 years.
The copyright on the ROMs will expire and anyone will be able to freely exchange the ROMs. lol.
In 100 years time, ROMs will be in the public domain and everyone will be free to play the game.
Unless stupid politicians and voters order another extension.

Until a few years ago, the copyright was 50 years, but it was extended to 70 years for a reason.
If 50 years, the rights would have expired in 2054. (FE8 was released in 2004.)
but, We would have to wait until 2074.

If the ROM becomes a public domain, it may be possible to play as a browser game.
In the future we can have complete freedom. :heart_eyes:


Browser games are fun and all, but if a game doesn’t integrate with apple’s iVirtual Reality magnachips, then it can’t utilize my own imagination, and it can’t even make use of my sense of smell & taste. Like, I don’t understand how anyone can feel immersed without CBS.(complete body stimulation)

The future of technology is amazing.

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Eventually we’ll need to hack in grid-based combat into IS’ character marriage simulators.


What do you mean Tale of Ternon deyd?

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Eventually FE Engines will be so advanced that it will become a heavily workshop oriented fire emblem hacking steam game or something like that.

Hm almost like it already exists


Virtual reality FE game will probably be a thing

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