The Frac-Map Blitz

The Pitch:
Sometimes it’s hard to come up with an idea for a map, and it’d be nice to have content for inspiration. The Frac-Map blitz hopes to be said aforementioned source.

The Operational Definition:
A Frac-Map (fractured map) is an incompleted map that conveys enough information, while still leaving room for creativity. In other words, it’s to help get the ball rolling. Some off the cuff examples:

  • A shoreline with a houses scattered around
  • The interior walls of a village
  • Scattered buildings with or without their interiors
  • A large bridge connecting two land masses
  • Assorted peaks
  • Spaced out bodies of water
  • The possibilities are virtually endless and don’t actually require much effort

The Goal:
To make as many free to use incompleted maps as possible for inspiration purposes.

#You Have One Week: From Friday Nov 30 to Friday Dec 7
You can start now; this isn’t the first blitz to accept early submissions.


And it won’t be the last, so long as I’m around.

#General Guidelines:

  • All skill levels welcome. DON’T WORRY if you’ve never made a map before, this is the perfect chance to start!
  • Please submit maps in .tmx format
  • Include a .png version
  • If you use a custom tileset, include it with your submission
  • Your incomplete maps will be free to use/edit/complete by anyone
  • You’re free to include fractured versions of maps you’ve already made
  • No meme/troll submissions will be accepted, they will be promptly ignored

#What To Include:

  • Enough visual info to inspire designing a whole map
  • just tilespam grass/roads/etc. for incomplete portions
  • Size of map
  • Vanilla ROM (Goof’d)
  • Tileset
  • Please note that palettes are subject to change at the discretion of the end user
  • Feel free to include custom palettes, so long as you’re okay with them being free to use

#What Not To Include:

  • Chapter/Map title
  • Chest/Visit/Vendor content
  • Tile changes


Feel free to give multiple submissions; or tell me if you think this is dumb (with an explanation, going forward, improvement is important).

If this is any sort of success, there’s going to be a secret part 2. Which is going to be different. Thanks @Arch for the secret part 2 idea.


So this is a fractured realms plug, right


Not even 2 minutes in and I’ve already been exposed.

15 x 13, uses the FE8 Village tileset.

.tmx, tileset if needed

Dropbox - Frac-MapZane1.tmx - Simplify your life

Let’s not do that.


Thanks for your submission!

And yes, I goof’d on the ROM thing. I have edited the first post accordingly.