The FEUniversity Initiative: Tutorial/Doc Request Thread

Greetings comrades,

In an effort to improve the forum’s directory of information, @CT075 and I are starting a new initiative: FEUniversity.

As the community has grown and discord became the prominent method of communication, we have strayed from using this forum as it was originally intended: as a library of tutorials and documentation. When I first revived FEU, my vision was to create a community of hobbyists who would work together towards the common goal of improving the state of the hacking scene. Over the past few years, the infrastructure and toolsets have improved dramatically. Entirely new methods of making and managing hacks have been developed, with buildfiles, FEBuilder, and Emblem Magic completely revamping the old way of doing things. This change was long overdue, and has eased barriers for newcomers to get into the hobby.

But as the state of the hacking community has changed, the forum has lagged behind in documenting and explaining these new programs and concepts. The original idea behind FEU was to aggregate information into one comprehensive repository, so that people could easily search answers to questions, find resources with ease, learn how to use the tools of the trade, and research an extensive collection of documentation. Aggregating knowledge promotes the betterment of the community; by making information easily accessible, we further ease the barriers to entry and allow newcomers and veterans alike to advance their skills. By sharing knowledge, we cultivate new talent and enable people to pursue their own visions. It allows us to pass down information from one generation of hackers to the next, to build something that is bigger than any one individual.

So that is why we’re opening a tutorial/documentation request thread, so that we can collect suggestions for the things that people want added to the library of information and hopefully the veterans will respond to that demand by sharing their wisdom with the masses. If there’s any resources that you want to see added to FEU, please post those requests here. I’ll be updating the OP to keep a list of recommendations.

Requested Tutorials:

  • Buildfile Ultimate Tutorial (WIP)
  • Complete FEBuilder Tutorial
  • FE8 Eventing Tutorial
  • SNESFE ASM Tutorial
  • Spell Animation Tutorial
  • Inserting New Conversation Backgrounds Tutorial
  • Scripting Battle Animtions Tutorial

This is good. Zim is already working on an FE8 Tutorial. And Marc has made a video on buildfiles so an FEU thread one should be easy I am hype

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I think @Mystic was planning on taking over that initiative since Zim kinda stopped working on it.


Doc, doc never changes

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I’m looking at making a new FE8 guide, going from nothing to a chapter ala Arch’s old FE6/7 chapter construction guide. It’ll take a while though, there’s a lot of content to cover.


A thourough spell animation tutorial would be a big help


I’ve added this to the list.

This new topic (WIP directory) has a list of every tutorial on FEU, so that might be useful in determining what content we need to create in order to address gaps in public knowledge.


requesting a tutorial on how to insert new conversation backgrounds in fe8?


Requesting Tutorial on how to edit supports and support tables, as well as explaining them in detail. By editing supports I mean by support partners and stuff.

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Requesting a tutorial on scripting battle animations; no real guide on this and most I’ve learned about it comes from copying off of other people’s animations scripts/vanilla ones

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The two other tuts are a bit more complex so I don’t have time to finish them right now


I’ll help re-start UT2 after VBA2 (in parallel with developing Sacred Shell). I’d like to restructure it a bit to talk more about EA as a language rather than immediately just saying “this is a way to do this” without really going in-depth on how it’s working (which means that when someone is making their own project, they’re lost). Also a lot of the methods are out of data.

… Also I want to make Stan’s method more accessible. but that’s further down the pipeline.


A thread version of Yeti’s battle animation tutorial

A tutorial/doc for FE8 conditionals since the current FE8 event guide/doc doesn’t go that much in depth.

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Thank you Sme! This is really helpful since I’m writing a lot more conditionals in my events.

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