The FE8 PME That Could(n't)

And who might she be replacing?

Can you implement an animation that I may give for a character ?

If you mean a battle animation, or map sprite, yeah. I think the last one I did took a few years off of my lifespan, but it shouldn’t be too hard the second go-around

I am doing 2 submissions, so I will not post a new unit tomorrow.

Name: Phorde
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
HP: 90%
Str: 45%
Skl: 55%
Spd: 50%
Lck: 45%
Def: 30%
Res: 35%
Normal unit
Who they are replacing: Saleh
Link to Mug, if you have one
Forde (Beta version)  {JeyTheCount}.png
Portrait by JeyTheCount

Character Description: A wandering ranger who escaped Intelligent Systems’ basement. Also known as Beta Forde.
Inventory: Brave Bow, Silver Sword, Elixir

Name: Chyle
Gender: Male
Class: Great Knight
HP: 95%
Str: 55%
Skl: 45%
Spd: 45%
Lck: 35%
Def: 40%
Res: 35%

Normal unit
Who they are replacing: Innes
Link to Mug, if you have one
Kyle (Beta version) {JeyTheCount}.png
Portrait also by JeyTheCount

Character Description: A wandering knight who escaped Intelligent Systems’ basement. Also known as Beta Kyle.
Inventory: Silver Axe, Javelin, Gold Gem

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Name : Marisa
Gender : Female
Class : Villager - Myrmidon - Wyvern Lady (Make her con 12)
Growths - has to equal 350% for normal units, 450 for growth units
HP : 90
Str : 60
Skill : 70
Spd : 70
Luck : 60
Def : 60
Res : 40

Growth unit or normal - Growth units have base stats halved - Growth Unit
Who they are replacing - Joshua
Link to Mug, if you have one :-
Credits : Redbean
Character Description : An apathetic but talented swordfighter. Known as ‘Crimson Flash’.
Inventory :- Killing Edge, Iron sword
Personal weapon, if you’d like. I’ll try to make as many of these as I can, but I make no promises.
Mercerius (Prf, 9mt, 1 range and unbreakable)

Can you use this palette for the lance animation ? I have the lance animation too but it doesn’t have a red dragon.

neimi sorry I forgot

Hmm, I’ll see what I can do on that, but seeing as she looks pretty good already, I might just swordlock her. Maybe give her like… d rank in lances or something Idk. About the pallette though, I have no idea what I’m doing with those, so I’ll try lol.

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Make her swordlocked. I think it makes more sense because her description says swordfighter. Can you give her that +15 crit bonus though ? Like those mono weapon units get.

Yeah that shouldn’t be a problem then. Especially as a myrm promote, it makes sense she’d get the extra crit.

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I prefer you increase game’s difficulty otherwise it will get curb stomped easily. Maybe if you power up the bosses and regular enemies then this game will feel like Power Vs Power.

People can change bosses if they want lol, they just haven’t. If course, I’ll likely be adding a few things. Still, I may need to tweak a few units, specifically the main lord I made.

So, just gotta ask, are these custom anims? Or are they just base thief, rogue and assasin anims, because those are base game.

Their customs female thief rouge and assassins animations if you just want use the base game animation that fine by me

Alright, let’s get another funny character in here. We all know how L’Arachel and friends travel the world, hunting down evil monsters. But who else would go around the world investigating monster-related evildoing? That’s right, Agent Looker of the International Police!

Pokemon, Looker {UltraxBlade}
(Portrait by me!)

Name: Looker
Gender: Male
Class: Thief (You have no idea how tempted I am to say Mogall but no)
Growths - has to equal 350% for normal units, 450 for growth units
HP: 60
Str: 40
Skl: 75
Spd: 60
Luck: 50
Def: 25
Res: 40
Growth unit or normal: normal
Who they are replacing: L’Aracher
Character Description: A detective from the International Police. Investigating the monster outbreak.
Inventory: Master Ball*, Lancereaver, Lockpick, Torch
Personal weapon:
Master Ball – 1-2 range, 10 might, 120 hit, 5 weight, effective against monsters, ignores weapon triangle. 50 uses.
(I’ll give you a hint for the “ignores weapon triangle” part. A weapon can be set to not require a weapon rank in its type – in fact, most vanilla personal weapons are set this way, being restricted to the unit but not requiring a rank in the weapon type. A weapon can also be set to give no weapon EXP in its type. Now, what physical weapon type is unaffected by the weapon triangle?)

Welp, how about his guard? If it’s alright with you anyways~

Name: Bridget
Gender: Female
Class: Great Knight

HP: 70
STR: 50
SPD: 40
SKL: 80
LCK: 5
DEF: 80
RES: 25

Normal unit (A prepromote growth unit may be a wee bit tragic!)

Who they are replacing: Dozla

Character Description: A retired knight hailing from (Rausten), currently works as Looker’s attendant.
Steel Lance
Steel Blade

Personal weapon: Flail (Though it’s not really personal per se, she just starts with it). Basically a Killer Hammer with less accuracy, usable by anyone. (A Rank, 16 Wt, 13 Mt, 50 Hit, 30 Crit, armour effectiveness)

She probably has has no real idea of what he’s actually doing, but eh!

zamn :pensive:

If I knew how to do that, I would. As of right now, I’m still learning FEBuilder, so I’ll try my best to figure that out.

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If you’d like I could toss a screenshot or two of where to find the rapier event.

Yes, that would make life so much easier lol.

This should hopefully help.