The Fall of Berg [FE8 Hack] [Chps 1-4]

Patch Download

What is it?
A 4 chapter WIP hack with a heavy gameplay focus.

You’ll like this hack if you enjoy:

  • Frantic LTC Gameplay
  • Early Game Pre-Promotes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • A focused, dramatic story

Important Notes
-Get a longbow from the chapter 1 armory, it’ll make your life a lot easier…
-I am seeking criticism on what you find to be B.S. vs challenging but fair. Point out what I did well, so I can implement more of that in favor of boring stuff. Tell me your favorite chapter and why it worked the best. The chapters are already plenty difficult, but pointing where reinforcements could be meaningful while fair to continue pushing the player toward the goal would be greatly appreciated.
-Hard mode is the intended difficulty.
-Planning on adding supports, but they’re all just default fe8 as of now.
-In chapter 3, double check unit placement in battle preps. Sometimes they get layered on top of each other, making them unusable in the actual battle.