The Difference Between MAC# Commands

MAC1, MAC2, and MAC3 are tile changing commands with pretty sparse documentation.

Stumbled upon this while trying to create a trench digging chapter.
MAC1 - Swap out both the graphics and the tile properties.
MAC2 - Do the tile change, but only swap out the graphics. Tile properties are the same as the original tile.
MAC3 - Swap out both the graphics and the tile properties AND play the water sound effect heard in Night of Farewells.


With MAC2 I can walk over cliffs I’ve swapped in.

With MAC3 tiles have their expected properties.


You know you can just add a SOUN instead of using MAC3 ever right?

Interesting find on MAC2 though

I totes gotta make a chapter gimmick out of this somehow when custom tilesets become a thing

I also can asm’z to make a tile behave like another one while having the graphics of the original.

These are the terrains in FE7, that i got by experimentation:

Wait, using MAC2 you could feasibly create a map that has any tile acting like any other tile if you create a terrain map first then use MAC2 to load the aesthetic tiles over it.

At least, until custom sets are fully worked out.

Coming: FEE3 2015


It ain’t my code, man. Just doing some documentation.


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MAC3 sounds like IS just made a macro so they didn’t have to keep writing

MAC1 0x[whatever]
SOUN 0x[whatever]

for all instances of map changes on Night of Farewells.

One could say it’s MACro.


for the record (and anybody else who wants custom sets), I will be perfectly willing to explain all parts of what I did to anyone who asks. The only thing that’s happening in the meantime is making it less tedious gruntwork (and i may not make fee3 deadline)