The Dawn of Destiny

Whats good guys. I have made a ROM hack.
For the ROM Hack that I’m currently working on. I am planning to make this project a big one for other people like you and me to enjoy.


(Now the link should be permenant)


4 mercenaries from the village called Sern. They decided to be hired as mercenaries because they needed a way to make some money. Their boss told the mercenaries that a certain bandit group known as “Jacob’s Bandits” threaten Sern that they’re going to raid the village and take all of the women and gold from the village.

In hesitation to prevent this catastrophe. Calvin (the boss) decided to ask Samir to form a group of his own to stop the bandits from attacking the village. After known where the bandits are. Samir united the group that consist of these three people.

  • Ahmed, Samir’s younger brother.
  • Alden, Samir and Ahmed’s younger cousin.
  • Mahir, Alden’s cousin.

They went to the bandits hideout and saw the leader of the bandits, Jacob.
Samir then proceed with caution when a bandit came up to him and interrogating them on why they are on their “territory”. After realizing they were mercenaries, the bandit then tried to attack Samir, but Samir killed him afterwards.

With the last draw of breath, he shouted in the air saying that they are being invaded. The group proceeds to raise arms.

At the end. Ahmed was horrified on the fact he killed someone for money, and blames it on Samir for putting them in this mess.

They returned to Sern for their money.

~ The End [Prologue]

For now…


And…you guys can help me and be featured as the TDOD Team and have a role on the Discord server that I own

Sever ID: 680841667699277898

The Roles that I made on the server are listed here.

  • Animators (Sprite designers)
  • Meme Historian
  • Musicians
  • Officers
  • Play-testers
  • Fooker
  • Idea Guy
  • Anime Master


Animators (Sprite designers)
If you choose this role. Then, you make animations for the ROM Hack and for the whole community. To send it. Compress it. Then, post it. Easy as pie!
(Anyone can be in this role anytime)


Meme Historian
If you choose this role. You specialize in memes and their formats from Grumpy Cat to modern era of memes. Hell, you might even discover new memes or make one of your own to make your own imprint on history.
(Anyone can be in this role anytime)


If you choose this role. Take the baton, Mozart, and start making all kinds of music.
Music is important, since it can simply effect the mood of the game play. If you want, make CrazyBus Theme Song 2.0. Oh God… What have I done? :fearful:
(This role is decided by the creator of the server: SamirPlayz)


You Sir are going to protect sever with your LIFE! Nah. Just make sure nobody is posting anything offensive or anybody say anything of the new update of
Fire Emblem TDOD (except the creator of the server). Thanks!
(This role is decided by the creator of the server: SamirPlayz)


No Ragefest from me, just Dawn of Destiny. Your opinions and ideas are private from the rest of the server. If you are caught sharing any updates, the Officers will delete the message, and a 1 day banned. If again, 3 day banned. If AGAIN, THEN you get kicked out. Three Strikes! You’re out!
(This role is decided by the creator of the server: SamirPlayz)


They are frickers that have high expectations. Equip: Memes
(Anyone can be in this role anytime)


Idea Guy
If you are a type of guy who like to share ideas with the sever. Then this position is for you. Share your ideas in the community.
(Anyone can be in this role anytime)


Anime Master
Like anime? Eat ramen? Well, Naruto run over there, dude. Realistic, it is just a role that people might enjoy.
(Anyone can be in this role anytime)


The “Officer”, “Musician” and " and “Play-tester” roles will be determined by me.

Roles decisions end s at 3/3/2020

Don’t waste any time! Join!

Well, enjoy the sever!




Here are the treads on the sever.!


The hack I made was a Sacred stones hack and I hope you guys can enjoy
FIRE EMBLEM: The Dawn of Destiny. If there is any mistakes that I have made.










That’s all folks!


1.1 is coming soon.

I am currently still working on the new patch of “Fire Emblem: The Dawn of Destiny”. I can say that the patch will feature new units to recruit and obtain. One of these units is James. He is a mage that is automatically recruited and is equipped with a thunder tome.

Here is a teaser for some of the maps. (These aren’t official maps. they might be modify or re-themed for different purposes.)



I’m am still trying to find proper placements for some of the enemies. Now lets see whats new.


  • Prologue text has been fixed.
  • Skills have been switched or reduced. (No more powerful Alden)
  • Boss flags works normally.
  • Newly added death quotes
  • Stats on some characters had be buffed up or reduced.

Warning: This patch is still in development. Only added for what is new so far.

That is all what I going to cover for today. Thank you for reading this post. If you guys have any questions on whats going to be on the patch. don’t be afraid to put it down below. And… here is a portrait of James.


That’s all folks!


In fact. I SPEAK english properly. It is just whenever I’m scripting in FEBuilderGBA. My mind goes a million miles per hour! Therefore my mind just skims through, and just autocorrects the sentance I’ve written.

JuSt… StOp SaYiNg… that I cAn’T sPeAk… Proper English!


How long is the hack?

If you want actual leadership stars instead of leadership boxes, inserting this icon to 0xCA should fix it:

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It says I need permission to access the google drive

The discord link leads to a channel I can’t access, so redirects to discord in general. You need to actually create an invite.

the drive link is locked, while the discord link just leads to basically nothing… ya might need to fix that lol

I only made one chapter

Every thing is fixed the download, the link to my sever, everything! Join in!

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Sentences end and start abruptly. and cut off
at. weird times, too. <-- just an example of some grammar mistakes I noticed.
Also, commas, aren’t, like, for every other word. Remember a comma means take a break from reading and breathe. If it’s like the previous sentence then it’s read really weird.

Bandit doesn’t have a weapon in the intro battle. Odd.

Copypasta from my other slim sword rant:
Skipped through cutscenese, but quick look. Slim Sword. Just look at it. Look at the Slim Sword. Now look at the Iron Sword. Biggest thing here, Iron has 5weight, Slim takes 2. In what game, in what world, in what reality, do you have ANY unit that is under 5con? Very very very very very rare right? What are the chances they are a SWORD user? See where I’m going? What is the point of a slim sword? 3damage? 3. Damage. The sword can have 200hit, and it would still be trash because, 3. Damage. The chance to crit for 9, 9! Damage isn’t worth it in the least.

=-=-= Units =-=-=
Dear god Alden destroys lance users, like poor lance users lol.
I know you want them to be the MC’s but why are they a Thief and Myrmidon Lord? Why not just name them their own special classes, like Highwayman, Samurai stuff like that?
Boss having 41avoid AND Seal Skill? that’s just a huge dodgefest which is annoying.
Cleric doesn’t heal properly / at all.
It’s rather… interesting. Just people trying to be mercenaries. Except the brother who apparently went full Pepega about the whole thing till the end where he realized he killed people. Oh teh noes, mercenaries killing BANDITS? Oh my god, what a world. Nobody. Nobody could. Ever. Expect this. Ever. … Also yeah please proofread your sentences, if you don’t speak english well, get someone else to do it for you.

I’m Sorry, ArcaneEli! I hope this will do.



But thanks for your opinion about my hack.

Hi there!

Is there an “Idea Guy” role? If so I am the perfect match and will join immediately!


Good News, there is now.


Server invite is kinda not working

K. I will fix that!

That’s not an invite, it just takes you to your channel list.

It should be fix now.

I would love to be an Idea Guy, too! May I join?


Of course, my guy. Anybody can join.


I’d love to be an idea guy as well.

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