The Contro SkillSystem CustomBuild

My custom build for FEBuilderGBA.

Currently added hacks:

  • Gaiden Magic 2.0

I plan to add skillsystem bugfixes to this custombuild if they don’t interfere with FEBuilder

If you find any bugs or problems, feel free to report them on this thread. (Or on discord if you want, I guess)


There are some bugs on Modular-Status-Getter’s prMinZero in version 20201128. If you want to rebuild it, I think you may need to fix that.

I’ll take a look. Thanks!

kind of you~ It will work properly if you cover that function as below:

s8 new_MinZero(s8 stat, Unit* unit){
	if( stat<0 )
		return 0;
		return stat;