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Oh wow, fuckin shit that was fast. Dumbledore are you back from the dead or something?

Making a mental note that I’ll add this and Hextator’s patch that allows for enemy luck growth to FireShell.


Another idea, though this one is fairly complicated and probably not worth the effort.

I was hoping there might be a way to make enemies calculate stat bonuses gained from weapons when attacking. Fior example, if I have Luce which has a 0 in MGT but a +25 gain in the MAG stat, VS a Fire tome with only 1 MGT and no MAG bonus, the enemies only choose to use the Fire tome because they don’t see the +24 damage that Luce has over the Fire tome, see? This includes missing out on other stats that could be boosted, like HP, DEF, RES, SPD, etc.

Dunno how you’d solve that issue, but there’s the suggestion anyway.

you could always just take away the fire tome

I think you’re missing the point here… agbro.

Not so complicated. I think I can make it

Edit: Since there is an issue about changing RES into MAG, this patch is made to compensate that (using RES bonus to add STR). If you want the original stat bonus, edit the patch with a hex editor at 0x35 (04) and change it into 00. This patch uses 08D80000, 64 byte.


I feel that this is one of those ignorant questions that people roll their eyes at, but anyway:

How hard is it to make new AI, by that I mean… uh. For example: Make enemy dancers work, they dance for the enemy. Also enemy warp/rewarp. I have no idea how difficult or easy it is to do AI so I understand if this is one of those stupid hard things. (Warp is probably hard, as the game would also need to pick somewhere to warp to Though, I could see dance using modified heal AI? Though would the game even check if an enemy can move again after moving… and the game wouldn’t use it very well that way… uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can see it not working very well, but just throwing it out there? ehehe…)

I don’t know what you meant in your edit. Are you talking about my Res-Replaces-Mag thing for Agro? Does your patch default to the normal stat configuration? Also, please create a new thread just for this patch; it’d help with cataloging all of this and documenting it. (And source code is appreciated as always).

I have no idea about how the enemy AI works. From what I perceive, it’s not something well documented. Though Icecube has managed to work wonders, apparently. But from what I know? Not possible.

Yes. It’s made that way to allow the patch being used in either configuration. The default of the patch is RES to MAG (forget to change them)


Hey, I made this. It’s in my ASM dump. Does this suit your needs? (Also, removing this from OP)

It should, yeah! I’ll check it out asap

i just added a few comments/TODO things in case nobody noticed

can you give me this info? i might just crank it out if i have nothing better to do later

[0x0202E3F8 - Row pointers for unit map (byte per tile with value == byte at +0x0B in unit struct)][1]

The thing is, the first two pointers don’t seem to point to actual rows? I lined up two units in the upper left corner, and they’re the first two entries on the third row… what?

The same thing happens with the last two pointers; it seems to have two rows of buffer for the map or something.

Edit: And on my 35 row high map, there are 40 entries in the row table…

How’s the addition coming along, @Venno?


Is there such an option? Arch, do you mind sending me a rom or something of the prototype so I can look for where the danger thing is?

I haven’t gotten around to messing with the Solo option yet; adding an option or two in place of it is fairly simple, but I don’t know how to set up the menu to remove the A-button prompt on Solo or the solo menu, nor adding fifth option on the menu. UI isn’t my area of expertise. Plus I’ve been occupied with other things (like figuring out what the AI bytes do!)

i should probably mention that i’ve actually been sitting on the “unit surrounded” conditional for a while; the only reason i haven’t released it is because i’m too busy obsessing over my new patching format

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I added a silly theory idea to the list, I got the idea from all of this weapon modifications I’ve been seeing around these parts :o

Well, here’s the thing, I intended to do something like this, but it would have just resulted in waaaaaaaay too many pointer tables (I have enough as it is). Though if you just want one specific class modded, I could do that for you, but to incorporate in a general manner would be unwieldy.

@Venno, are you still doing this, or should I take care of it?