The Binding Blade Revamp: Project Sienna v1.21 [FULL RELEASE IS OUT]

Again… theyre not random.

Fire Emblem wiki says the following:

On the player phase of each turn after the first, bridges may appear or disappear; all bridges are initially present, then on set turns begin a pattern of disappearing and reappearing.

Bridges 1–5 disappear or reappear every six turns
Bridge 1 disappears on turn 2
Bridge 2 disappears on turn 6
Bridge 3 disappears on turn 3
Bridge 4 disappears on turn 4
Bridge 5 disappears on turn 7

And so on…

And then Bridge 1 would reappear on turn 8. Then disappear again on turn 14. Then reappear again on turn 20. And so on.

It’s not random. It’s a set pattern.

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@Deviation Minor bug to report. Whenever you press R to check a description “R: Info” appears in the text box. Nothing game breaking but still a bug.

Sidebar but do you have any plans to update the sprites? If it’s something you won’t budge on I understand. The vanilla sprites are just very jarring lol hell even compared to FE7 & FE8 vanilla. It makes sense being that FE6 was the first of the GBA games but yeesh.

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Huh, that’s actually very interesting to know, I never knew that. I always thought it was mostly random patterns, and that the first few turns were the only semi-consistent part of the sequence, but I guess not. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

That being said, the ASM that dictates this sequence is still the thing that ends up breaking the rom when its reinserted, though the fact that its a sequence may help a lot in efforts to try and troubleshoot the problem

It depends, it never really occurred to me for the animations to be updated because the animations always felt pretty good to me and it helps to maintain the feel of FE6 and give it a unique vibe. I’m not exactly opposed to updating them but it just never really occurred to me as a top priority when making the hack.

Just wanted to let you know I’m enjoying it regardless! Hard mode seems to demand you use every unit you can, which conflicts with my favoritism, but I think it’s very interesting! I even find myself using Bors, though Shanna jacks his shit when she gets C rank weapons.

I haven’t quite gotten past CH 3, since I’m bad at the game and Chad is a 1 shot to any enemy, and I unequipped the units I didn’t want to use (rookie mistake), but I’m excited to see the rest!

Additionally, thanks for keeping axes on paladins, Axe Marcus is and always will be my favorite Marcus.


Unique…is a word for the FE6 animations and sprites lol. Whether you update them or not doesn’t change my enjoyment of the hack, you’ve done a great job. It’s just a nitpick. I heavily prefer the FE7 and FE8 ones and think the FE6 cast would look better in those models. If I had to give an example for me it’s like Gen 1 to Gen 2 for Pokémon. The Gen 1 sprites aren’t “bad” (Mostly :rofl:) but you can tell it’s the rough draft and they get more polished in gen 2.

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Yes. That’s the thing. You don’t NEED ASM. Since the tile changes occur on specific turns, you can do this with turn events.

Damn it’s been a minute on here. Haven’t been playing this patch for a while since playing that Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Remake and the Fire Emblem DS remakes. How’s everyone doin?? Gonna get back on this patch in a bit.

Yes, this is what I’ve been saying this whole time.

Uhh… Where is the patch? There is only 0% growth patch in the Dropbox.

Would you consider adding a fixed growths version one day? I’m not sure if it would be intensive since I have no idea what goes into these hacks but I think any player phase game should have consistent units personally. That and I like to play LTC and having the same level ups makes things so much easier

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Hey, sorry to bother but I’ve encountered a pretty huge glitch; I completed chapter 9 with intent to go B route but it skipped me all the way to chapter 14x. Im unsure if this was intended but I thought I should alert