The Binding Blade Revamp: Project Sienna v1.1 [FULL RELEASE IS OUT]

Because he is the hero. After promotion he has 7. And wait for chapter 21, to boost him to 15! :crazy_face:


Sorry for the late response, I currently don’t have my laptop so I couldn’t reply immediately. In short, there’s 2 reasons for this:

  1. A bit of an in-character reason, I always perceived Roy as more energetic and springy than the rest of the army due to his young age and his optimism.
  2. The more relevant reason, it’s mostly to distinguish him as a sword-locked foot-soldier from the rest of the army and to give the player an easier time getting him to the throne, since every chapter is seize. It makes him actually getting to where he needs to go a lot easier.

Glad you guys have been enjoying the hack! I’m planning on a much, much bigger update in the future, but I’ll try to pump a few smaller updates and polishing when I get my laptop back.

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There is one issue in chapter 24, when you seize the throne in the first room, after the scene with Jahn, the chapter ends immediately, and the final chapter begins.
I think that should not be the case.
Also skipping the scene has no effect, the chapter ends.

Another issue was in chapter 13, after the scene when Perceval, when he leaves the map, the game crashes. But I could skip that scene, and the chapter continues normally.

Other than that, I really liked the hack, especially early promotion of Roy makes it so much better!

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Just as a reminder to anyone, please patch your rom prior to getting to Chapter 24, the issue with the throne seize has already been patched as of the latest version of the rom (v1.1) so don’t forget to patch it.

This has also lead to the discovery that the version of the changelog currently in the Dropbox is the wrong version, so I’ll get that sorted immediately.

As for the Chapter 13 issue, I’ll look into it soon.

That being said, I’m happy you liked the hack! Just, as mentioned, please patch the rom to it’s latest version so that you can get the full experience.

Ahh no wonder why it makes the maps slightly easier. Sorry I doubted that dude. Nonetheless I still enjoyed the hack. This romhack does feel like FE6 than Project Ember and FE Binding Blade remake to some degree. I mostly played it on my MacBook and my modded New Nintendo 2DS XL instead of my Steam Deck cuz I dont want to risk my units die due to how the game’s engine is although I’ll consider it once I finish playing more of the The Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, and their rom hacks a bit. Have you ever played Sacred Echoes, the Shadows of Valentia on the 3ds? I heard its a great rom hack

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Ah, sorry, don’t know how I could miss the latest patch.
With version 1.1 chapter 24 is working as expected.