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Is it possible to change text like a character’s name all at once, or do I have to manually do it

There is a search function in FEBuilders text editor. Just press “search”, fill in the thing you are looking for and click the option to replace all the matches with the thing you want.

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thank you

Sorry if the thread is too old to respond to, I’m not sure exactly how old a thread has to be to consider it “Necroposting”, so yeah. If it is, won’t happen again. :grinning:

Where would I exactly find this button in the text editor? I searched all around and got nowhere! Thank you in advance!

I didn’t think febuilder had an option to replace all instances of a word. Feditor did and it led to things like replacing parts of compound words. Eg. replacing the word “room” would also hit “classroom”.

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Not sure on a definite number here, but generally necroposting in forums I’ve been to is considered after a few days up to a month or so.

As for searching, it’s the third tab thing in the text editor thingy.

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Daw crud! Well, it wasn’t needed, just thought I’d ask anyway!

Ok, gotcha about the necroposting. Thanks for the help! Will keep that in mind!
I already knew about the search option, I just thought you could look up say “Eliwood”, and replace it with “Hector” or Lyndis" or something. But thanks anyway!