Text Dumping and textprocess

So, I have a question about text. Mainly text dumping. I was wondering if textprocess at all is able to be used in reverse. Most of the time it is just used to insert text to a ROM. I have to ask though, does it have a mode to go the other way around? Or am I gonna have to do the hard work and create a python script to format an FEBuilder text dump into a textprocess one? Please do not suggest reverse engineering textprocess, because that would be even more work than a simple python script converting an FEBuilder text dump to a textprocess one.

P.S. would textprocess support the use of base 10 integers rather than 16? If I do have to write the python script, this knowledge could save me a lot of time.

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Why do you need to dump text from FEBuilder tho? Just curious.

Because im porting a ROM hack from FEBuilder to Buildfiles.

What? Textprocess is open source.

I meant I don’t have the time to mess around with textprocess source code.

Reverse engineering and editing source code are two very different things, but with that aside - there’s a dump of fe8’s text in textprocess format in the skill system’s text folder. Presumably circles made it? You could try getting a hold of him and asking.

Edit: Wait, that might not be terribly helpful given that any such tool would be for dumping huffman text, and if you’re wanting to dump from an edited ROM you’d have anti huffman text. Making a script to convert your febuilder dump is probably the best idea, then.

Even if you did modify it, it’d be bad practice to actually use the output. Static text ids, not using parsedefs, etc. Not to mention sorting through the output of, well, every piece of text.