TDAWS_MP132 Hack Playthrough/Feedback Streams! (Current Projects: Vision Quest and FERDOP)

Hello everyone! I’ve been streaming my first impressions and giving feedback on a handful of community hacks as of late, but I decided that rather than posting my vods or other content in other people’s hack topics, It would be better to instead post all of them in a single place.

All of my hack streams are recorded and stored as highlights on my twitch at

And here’s a link to the complete playlist with just my hack streams:

If anyone in the community is interested in getting feedback, or even just seeing someone play through their work, then this topic or the FEU discord are good places to contact me.

Currently completed:

  • Last Heavenly Throne (By Runa)

  • Sacred Echoes 1.0 (By HyperGammaSpaces)

  • Faith and Blood (By Bloopy)

  • King’s Bread MAFC (By Devisio)

Currently ongoing:

  • FERDOP/Fire Emblem Reborn Dimensions Olethian Princess (By Random Wizard)

  • Vision Quest v1 (By Pandan and Friends)

Currently suspended:

  • Fire Emblem Journeys (By Relic) (Waiting for next major release)

  • Souls of the Forest (By Scraiza) (It’s really difficult :sweat_smile:)


My first stream in this style was Last Heavenly Throne by Runa

My next three streams were of Sacred Echoes 1.0 by HyperGammaSpaces

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I also played Faith and Blood by Bloopy in three parts. Huge thanks to Bloopy for allowing me to stream an as of currently dev only version with chapters 2-1 and 2-2!

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Do not think you will be forgiven for the death of Zanbato Mercenary.


He will not be forgotten. :pensive:


Next up is a more WIP hack, Fire Emblem Journeys!

I’ve only completed the first 6 chapters as of now.


And now for something, completely different.
King’s Bread, a MAFC Submission by Devisio!

Big TLP Energy Here.


About time that I returned to streaming more hack review!
This time it’s Souls of The Forest by Scraiza


SotF is super great! It also takes a lot out of me when played on Lunatic :sweat_smile:
So as a way to distress and relax, I’ve also started playing bits of Random Wizards’s FERDOP, or Reborn Dimensions Olethian Princess!

It’s a cute little hack so far, much better than the original DDOP at any rate.


Wow, looking back at my old work with all of the tiny little things I thought were good at the time but don’t anymore is just… painful.

Still a good showcase, though! Thanks for playing, and giving some critique!

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No worries dude, it was a good time! I’ll keep playing the current public build and giving feedback.

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Fun little bonus today, to celebrate the release of Vision Quest version 1.0, I did a Hard Mode Ironman stream!

Much suffering was had, but it was a good time.

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Vision Quest Time! Cheese and Wine :cheese: :wine_glass:
For someone who had helped playtest and give feedback for the longest time, it was about time I streamed VQ to completion.

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