Tactician mug sprite ( I just need the clothes drawn on)

Hi there I really hate to trouble anyone but I really need this tactician mug sprite. The tactician is the most important part of my hack so I want it to look well decent. I have a tiny program that helps start you off with mugs where i make my characters but I need the tactician to have specific clothes and this program doesn’t have the clothes I need. I already have everything done the color pallet and the face now all I need are the clothes. I don’t want it on a specific time just as soon as you can make it that’s fine but no rush alright I know even making the clothes takes times so no pressure. I will be glad to help you in any way I can in return FE related. I’m very good at photo shopping and editing. I can recolor stuff very easily to so I’m not expecting something for nothing. I will return the favor as best as I can along with give you credit of creating the mug in my hack. I will include the pictures of everything to give you all that you need. The clothes I don’t want extremely detailed just to look nice and somewhat like the picture. If you could and it’s not to much trouble can I have one with the mask and without the mask. If it’s to much trouble then just with the mask is fine. Thank you so much ahead of time ^-^
P.s. I’ll be including the battle sprite just to give you a better idea of the character.

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The robe on the female sprite could use some work. It looks a little sharp and glitchy, and not so natural. The image of just the robes also have some odd black spots surrounding random areas. Overall, not too bad. Feel free tocontact me (or someone else much more skilled than I) if you need help or advice!

The robe is not made by me and it is not fire emblem formatted. I cut it off of a picture I got off of google and it was in black and white so I colored it thinking I could just shrink it and put it on the mug but that was a big no no so I saved the picture so someone who can draw and put it on the mug can know what I want it to look like. I did not make this female sprite mug or the battle sprite mug either. I got the female mug sprite off google. All I did to this female sprite was recolor her pallet. The clothes on the female sprite I do not want it is oddly colored because I wanted the person who is kind enough to draw the clothes on to not have to deal with changing the pallet. I’ve already taken care of the pallet and and provided a visual of what I would like her clothes to be to make it much easier on someone who is kind enough to draw this green robe and mask on her. The battle sprite I recolored as well and added the small yellow moon to the sprite. It is irrelevant I just thought it would give a better idea of the clothes which is why I included it. So I did not draw any of this I just recolored and customized it to my liking. I have tried so hard to make those robes my self but I suck at drawing I even tried to put my photo shopping skills to good use and I still failed. So my only hope is for some kind person to draw the robes on for me. I will kindly return the favor for anyone who is willing to help me. I will gladly help them in any way I can FE related.

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My apologies for the misunderstanding.

No problem ^-^ I do it all the time so I can’t judge. If I ever need any help though I know now who to ask when it comes to art advice. Even though you misunderstood I do appreciate you taking the time to reply and offer your advice. :smile:


Thank you a thousand times over!!! Your completely awesome! If you ever need any help with anything FE related I’ll help you out to the best of my ability. Again thank you so much!